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I am Paul Mosenson, and I have been managing advertising and marketing programs for over 30 years. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established small business. I will act as your part-time Marketing Director or your outsourced CMO, putting together strategies and tactics to grow your business. I will work with rigor to help grow your business by building a roadmap to success utilizing a mix of technology, ideal process, goal-setting, and analytics.

More About Me

I am an innovative, experienced, and accomplished professional skilled at setting vision, strategy and executing marketing and lead generation initiatives for B2B and B2C industries. I am a results-oriented leader with a keen eye for analyzing key metrics to assess effectiveness of programs and campaigns. I have extensive experience working with clients in industries including healthcare, information technology, financial services, business-to-business, non-profit, government, automotive, tourism, insurance, ecommerce, retail, consumer goods and services, pharmaceutical, and higher education.

I have worked for companies in a senior marketing role, like Nutri/System, as well as ad agencies in the Philadelphia area managing B2B and B2C media programs. I started NuSpark Marketing in 2009. Rest assured, we will work together to move your business to the right direction.

Your Needs

Every business can use some help in some aspect of their marketing approach.  Think about your own needs, whether that’s generating more traffic to your website, achieving more online sales, optimizing search engine marketing, better email strategy, better-targeted advertising,  updating your overall messaging and brand, and more.  I can help you with all of these because of my experience managing all these tasks successfully with other clients.

Here are some of the many tasks I can help with:

General Direction

  • Identification of target audiences and personas. Why do prospects need what you offer, and why would they buy from you?
  • Analysis of competition and then determine what makes you unique, and how to promote that uniqueness.
  • Review your short-term and long-term goals and develop a solid strategic plan focused on achieving those goals.
  • Assess current key metrics and implement additional metrics if necessary, to monitor your growth effectively.
  • Plans to expand into new markets and attract new customers, but also review your marketing approach to existing customers or current leads in your CRM.

Website Direction

  • Review of your website content, particularly, your benefits, your “convincing” copy approach, and other key pages on your site. I’ll also look at your blog and thought leadership strategy
  • Assess your branding & design elements, user experience, mobile friendliness, as well as key SEO factors
  • Conversion optimization. I’ll look at opportunities to generate or improve your website or landing page conversions by assessing the buying process via analytics, then giving you an actionable plan that would increase leads and sales with appropriate calls-to-action.
  • Proper installation and management of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and goal implementation, including tracking website phone calls and email submissions.

Advertising & Promotion Direction

Recommendation of specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve your desired sales goals.  This includes:

  • Digital paid media: search, display advertising, retargeting, geo-fencing, mobile advertising, video advertising, social media advertising, email sponsorships and eblasts, online publisher programs, app marketing
  • Traditional paid media: television, radio, out-of-home, print, trade journals, direct mail, list procurement
  • Social media engagement strategy: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more

Subsidiary NuSpark Media goes into detail on the scope of my media buying services, including advanced TV.

Content Marketing Direction

  • Assess your content marketing strategy, and how it’s deployed for lead generation and nurture.
  • Determine whether you need white papers and eBooks, plus a review of your case studies if applicable.
  • An assessment of your email marketing strategy and nurture programs, regarding message, cadence, and offers.

If we need extra help, I count on my team of writers and designers to support our efforts together. See some of the many clients I have worked on in the past and see the wealth of eBooks I have written over the years. Learn more about me.

If intrigued, let’s plan a discovery call, and we’ll discuss ways of working together. You may schedule that call by clicking here.

I look forward to a rewarding relationship.