Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the unique mix of art and science with the ultimate goal to showcase your firm on Google’s first page when users query a term that your firm provides as an answer to that query. We do SEO work at NuSpark Marketing; in fact we do it pretty well. We have consistently achieved 1st page rankings for our clients.

Our philosophy of SEO

Rankings are important, but not as important as the ability of your website to capture and engage audiences by persuading them to contact you because your message as written can solve their business problems. A #1 ranking means nothing if audiences bounce and don’t perform desired conversions. Unlike most SEO firms, as a lead generation one, we typically combine conversion rate optimization SEO together. Our success is not driving organic traffic, but driving organic traffic that converts into leads or sales.

SEO Process

Therefore, an SEO engagement usually begins with a website assessment so that we may ascertain the ability of the site to convert the increased traffic we will bring you. If necessary we will work with your developers and designers to optimize the site not just for search engines, but for the buyer’s journey as well.

From there we do a major site assessment that covers the usual best practices of on-site optimization and link building. We prepare a comprehensive site plan along with robust keyword research, including tags and content updates, to ensure your site is findable and engages your prospects well.

A big part of our link building program is guest blog outreach. A comprehensive guest blog outreach program is essential for driving back links and enhancing your presence on search engines. When bloggers post your content, Google sees that as a “vote” for your website, and your rankings increase their chance of going higher on Google. Learn more about our guest blog outreach program.


Because of our unique approach in combining content marketing, SEO, and conversion-rate optimization, we are your best choice to make your SEO campaign a profitable success.

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