Description: Landing Page

Client: Deluxe Entertainment is the world’s leading video creation and distribution company offering global, end-to-end services and technology.

Background: Deluxe Entertainment was getting ready to unveil their new, game-changing software IP and Playout delivery system at the NAB show. They asked us to help them get the word out to their current clients to sign up for a demo at the show. We implemented an email campaign leading to this landing page. This was a completely new concept for the movie industry and is the future of movie delivery. The idea was to convey a futuristic feel, hence the sci-fi background fitted into their white and red on black company color scheme. The page loaded with an animated hero image much larger, then shrinking vertically down to the horizontal format with the red banner emerging from a small square in the middle and expanding outward horizontally across the background. The effect was a futuristic, at-the-movies feel. Fun!

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