Convert: How to optimize websites and landing pages for conversion ebook

Convert! Optimizing Website & Landing Page Conversions for Lead Generation

If your website isn’t generating leads, or your landing pages aren’t generating enough leads, then this useful guide is for you. Packed full of useful concepts and conversion strategies, both marketing and sales people will benefit from the content. In fact, much of the content is introduced by a fictitious sales team, to make the reading more interesting and compelling. After reading, you’ll realize the benefits of how a sound conversion and persuasive website plan can contribute to your firm’s growth.

Among the topics covered:

Basic principles of conversion rate optimization
How increased conversions affect your lead pipeline
Website persuasive architecture
Landing page optimization
Web forms and Smart Form technology
Content that converts
Testing landing pages
Retargeting strategies; bringing prospects back via online display
Lead nurturing
Measuring conversions
Pipeline conversion and sales process optimization

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