Content Marketing Templates e-Book

The 38 “Let’s Do It” Content Marketing Templates for Lead Generation Workbook eBook

A unique set of content marketing templates and checklists that you can use immediately to begin, enhance, or optimize your current content strategy. Each template includes a brief introduction, and key points are explained, but this is mostly about jumping in and just doing it! The eBook is an Action Plan; templates to plan, write, promote, and optimize content for lead generation and sales!

What you get:

Planning Templates: Situation Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Value Proposition, Buyer Personas, Content Mapping
Lead Generation Templates: Keyword Research, Paid Search Ads, SEO, Website Content, Landing Pages
Lead Nurturing Templates: Email Marketing, Nurturing Flow Development
Content Calendars: Blogging, Social Media, Content Promotion
Content Itself: Blogs, White Papers, Webinars, Case Studies, Videos, Press Releases

And More!


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