Paid Search: Attract Leads Into the Funnel

Paid search advertising (or pay-per-click) is a powerful tactic to increase immediate traffic to your website or landing page in order to drive conversions or sales. When properly managed, paid search enables you to reach potential customers at several points during the buying lifecycle and produces positive return on investment (ROI).

We understand that managing a paid search campaign is both an art and a science. NuSpark Marketing founder Paul Mosenson oversees the campaigns for our clients, and our team provides strong attention-to-detail with outstanding analytics know-how. Highly experienced, we understand that every campaign is unique with its own set of goals.

Campaign Management

Conversion and Offer

Because our focus at NuSpark Marketing is driving leads and conversions, we always begin an engagement with an analysis of your offer and then make strategic recommendations. By reviewing your target audiences’ needs and competition, we identify what messages encourage prospects to give their email addresses for the offer you provide. Keep in mind that we can test those offers and optimize.

Ongoing Optimization

We watch campaigns diligently, and make ongoing keyword, ad, and bidding tweaks to optimize your conversion rates and cost-per-conversion metrics. Since we are ROI-focused, our optimization efforts will pay off for you.

Leads in the Funnel

As you know, many leads are not ready to buy. These prospects use search engines for initial research, which is where your helpful content comes in handy. We understand buyer lifecycles and create campaigns that target both top and bottom funnel in order to maximize campaign performance.


You’ll receive reports on a frequent basis that show the effectiveness of your campaigns along with insights and recommendations. Reports include custom dashboard reports from Google Analytics. However, you won’t have to wade through a mass of unrelated numbers—our goal is to provide only the data we need to make optimization decisions on together.

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