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March 2019


[Morton, PA, March 11, 2019—]   NuSpark Marketing, a full-service lead and demand generation agency, based outside Philadelphia, is announcing two new services.

Marketing Consultant Services.  Many companies are resource-starved. Plus, their teams include marketing generalists who have a broad but not deep knowledge of marketing disciplines. Thus, they need specialists to guide the way. Other companies have bright young tacticians who do not have the experience that enables them to get the most value out of their programs.

To ensure companies are doing the right things the right way, they need marketing quality assurance. That’s where NuSpark Marketing comes in. Our strategic marketing consulting services includes expert recommendations after a laser-focused evaluation process of your entire revenue-generation programs.

As an integral part of a marketing team, NuSpark will sculpt and polish  marketing programs, from strategy to implementation, so that they produce leads and demand like clockwork. Our goal is to act as another pair of eyes … experienced eyes.


Small Business Consultancy.  Every business can use some help in some aspect of their marketing approach.  That includes generating more traffic to your website, achieving more online sales, optimizing search engine marketing, better email strategy, better-targeted advertising, updating your overall messaging and brand, and more.  Paul Mosenson of NuSpark can help small businesses with all of these because of his experience managing all these tasks successfully with other clients.

The new consultancy service includes general marketing and branding direction, website message and conversion direction, advertising & promotion direction, and content marketing and email nurture direction.



October 2016

NuSpark Marketing Named Agency for Galileo, a Division of ATS Group

Morton, PA, October XX, 2016 — Galileo, a division of ATS Group, has named NuSpark Marketing as their demand generation agency. Galileo offers a cloud-based solution for managing the performance of information technology infrastructure. It enables IT leaders to view their entire infrastructure, including servers, storage, SAN and applications in a single dashboard whether the technology is on their premises, in the cloud or a hybrid environment. NuSpark Marketing offers online marketing services that focus on lead and demand generation.

“Given the revolutionary nature of our product, we wanted to get the word out as rapidly as possible,” said Charlie Born, CMO of Galileo. “We chose NuSpark because of their online expertise, laser-focus on lead generation, responsiveness to clients and determination to optimize marketing tactics to generate the highest possible ROI for us. We are excited to work with them to transform Galileo into a leader in the infrastructure performance management market.”

“For us, our relationship with Galileo represents an excellent opportunity to work with a company that has a solution that’s unique their market space in ways that truly matter to their buyers and users,” said Paul Mosenson, Founder and President of NuSpark Marketing. “Galileo acts like a crystal ball across the entire IT infrastructure, enabling users to discover what is happening now that could cause problems in the future. While most competitors offer reactive alarms, Galileo enables companies to prevent problems. When it comes down to it, that’s what companies really need to ensure a positive user experience.”

For more information, visit NuSpark Marketing and Galileo.

About NuSpark Marketing

NuSpark Marketing begins with the end in mind — leads and sales opportunities — and works from there using a proven online marketing methodology. They craft buyer personas and content strategy and then create content to attract prospects, convert leads and shorten buying cycles. They connect companies with their target audiences by building relationships through social media as well as using paid search, search engine optimization, content syndication, and online display. Finally, NuSpark converts online traffic into leads through website and landing page optimization, marketing automation, lead nurturing and telemarketing.

JUNE 2016

New Class Addresses Burgeoning Need for Better B2B Marketing Writing Skills

Morton, PA, June 9, 2016 — As business-to-business (B2B) companies take advantage of content to reach, engage and persuade their target audiences, the need for marketing writing has exploded. Because of this trend, it is more important than ever to write often and write well. Writing, however, is often overlooked as a marketing skill. That’s why MarketingProfs University includes a class focused on B2B marketing in their annual Marketing Writing Bootcamp. This year, Carolyn Frith, Executive Director of Content Strategy and Creation for NuSpark Marketing, was selected to teach the class, entitled “How to Write Engaging and Persuasive B2B Content and Copy.” Marketing Writing Bootcamp includes 12 other classes and is now available online and on demand for an entire year.

Frith’s class is about writing the right stuff the right way. “Too much of B2B content is boring, self-centered and jam-packed with jargon,” says Frith. “It doesn’t have to be that way. If a product or service solves a buyer’s problem, it should be fascinating to them. The secret to engagement is in how you write about it.” So her class starts with an introduction to buyer personas, explaining how to create and use them to develop targeted content based on customers’ needs and interests. It includes 14 mantras on how to write in a way that attracts an audience and persuades them to take action. There are also some tips on how to boost the performance of typical B2B content formats. Finally, the class wraps up with Frith’s insights on how to write faster without sacrificing quality.

For help with your B2B marketing writing needs, from white papers and blog posts to website copy and video scripts, visit NuSpark Marketing or call 610-812-2725.

JULY 2013

NuSpark Marketing, a full-service lead generation/inbound marketing/digital media firm based outside Philadelphia, has been retained by 3D2B, a global b2b telemarketing firm with offices in Rome Italy and New York,, to manage and implement all components of their digital marketing and lead generation needs.  Paul Mosenson, founder of NuSpark Marketing and nationally renowned lead generation thought leader, leads his team of writers and specialists in managing the marketing strategy, tactics, and analytics.

Among the tasks NuSpark Marketing will be managing are:


  • New website design/usability consultation and content (Fall 2013)
  • Content map, plan and buyer persona strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search and landing pages for lead capture
  • Content syndication & online lead generation strategy
  • Long-form content development (white papers, case studies, webinars)
  • On-site blog as well as guest blog outreach and publishing
  • Video production and online distribution
  • Social media planning and implementation
  • Marketing automation lead nurture strategy
  • Analytics and campaign measurement


Mosenson explains, “We’re excited to manage another project with such potential for growth.”  By project managing a national team of free-lance writers, Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing is available to offer clients quality work at affordable prices.  “I only utilize the best, most efficient talent; we are all results-driven and 24/7 service oriented” says Mosenson.

NuSpark Marketing emphasizes strategy before tactics, with compelling content and analytics the backbone to lead generation success.   Jeff Kalter, General Manager of 3D2B, agrees with the approach, “We are excited to work with Paul Mosenson and the NuSpark team to increase our market visibility and build a successful inbound marketing program.”


About NuSpark Marketing

NuSpark Marketing is a full-service virtual demand generation-inbound marketing- lead generation- online media buying agency based outside of Philadelphia. For any firm needing help with generating leads and sales via websites and landing pages, Paul and his strategic team plans and implements the entire lead management process. Founded by Paul Mosenson in 2009, NuSpark Marketing has shown tremendous growth each year. Paul is a seasoned marketing vet of 25 years. Experienced in b2b marketing as well as consumer marketing, Paul steps in to help problem solve within almost any industry. “Our vision is to help companies understand that marketing isn’t just a list of tactics, but an integrated strategy designed to generate quality leads and sales.”


About 3D2B

3D2B is a specialized provider of B2B customer acquisition and telemarketing solutions. As a vital strategic partner of a firm’s sales and marketing teams, 3D2B helps maximize market-share with qualified sales opportunities in the B2B arena. Partnering with 3D2B maximizes efficiency, reduces cost, and guarantees positive results. As a partner, 3D2B essentially acts as a low cost, high value, outsourced, extended sales force for your internal sales and marketing departments.  3D2B has global experience in many innovative industries such as; IT/Technology, Medical, Industrial, Financial Services, and Telecommunications.

Additionally, with over 15 native languages provided for customer acquisition services, 3D2B is comprised of a dynamic team of international industry experts.




MAY 2013

NuSpark Marketing Announces Pay-for-Performance Internet Marketing Pricing

Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Marketing, announces innovative pay-per-performance inbound marketing pricing for SEO, Paid Search (Pay-per-click), Facebook Management, Twitter Management, and Landing Page/Conversion Rate Optimization.

“Don’t pay for promises; pay for results.”

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

With the objective to further differentiate [NuSpark Marketing from the myriads of internet marketing and digital media firms, President and Founder Paul Mosenson is implementing performance pricing for some of the Internet Marketing services NuSpark offers. Where most firms charge monthly retainer fees for inbound marketing services, NuSpark Marketing promises to “practice what we preach” by offering the innovative pricing models based on results.

Mosenson explains “We’ve been managing inbound marketing tactics for over three years now; and it was time to test a new approach as a value proposition. We’re very excited about offering these new models to prospects; large and mid-size.”

The 5 services NuSpark Marketing is offering Pay-for-Performance pricing are:

  •     Search Engine Optimization. The performance model combines keyword ranking improvements, quality link building, and non-branded website traffic and conversions. After benchmarks are established, NuSpark is paid based on maintaining or increasing website traffic metrics.
  •     Paid Search or Pay-per-click. The performance model combines basic PPC metric improvements such as click-thru rate and cost-per-conversion, but also Cost-per-Sale metrics for lead generation clients (assuming agreement on pipeline conversion rates) and ROI for e-Commerce.
  •     Facebook Fan Page Management. Our model with Facebook combines 5 key engagement metrics that well be measured on. For Facebook, our success is based on organic and viral reach increases. Facebook is about engagement and sharing content; that’s what we’ll be paid on if we’re successful.
  •     Twitter Page Management. For company pages, we’ll post content, and build and engage with followers. Like Facebook, our performance model is based on 5 of the most important Twitter page metrics.
  •     Conversion Rate Optimization. By allowing us to use A/B testing tools and our own know-how to update your landing pages for lead capture, we can increase your website conversion rates, and by so doing, and following our model, we get paid for the incremental business growth due to our efforts.

For more information on the NuSpark Marketing pay-for-performance model, NuSpark Marketing website, where each component will take you to a specific landing page to sign-up.

As Mosenson says, “Don’t pay for promises; pay for results.”

NuSpark Marketing, based outside Philadelphia, is a virtual team of content and digital marketing experts, led by Paul Mosenson, a nationally renowned digital marketing specialist, writer of multiple lead generation e-books, and national speaker. Paul enjoys speaking in front of small and large groups, dissecting poor examples of website and digital strategy, and explaining simple solutions that increase leads and conversions.




NuSpark Marketing Adds New Services to our Digital Internet Marketing Suite

Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing now offers video production, responsive website design, and guest blogging management


With his continuing effort to add new internet marketing and lead generation services, Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Marketing, a Philadelphia based lead generation and internet marketing firm, has announced three new services.  Says Mosenson, “The digital media landscape continues to evolve, and we need to evolve with it, as a service to our clients and prospects.”  Those services are:

Responsive Website Design

Paul’s network of designers now focuses on this new website design concept.  Responsive web design is defined as an approach to design whereby the website automatically is repurposed for tablets and mobile phones; thus no need for separate mobilized website.  Mosenson explains “With the ongoing increase of mobile usage, it’s critical that a website shows itself well on all screens, plus Google applauds responsive web design, and that means better search ranking.” 

Video Production and Marketing

It’s proven that a compelling video on a website and landing page increases engagement and conversion rates.  NuSpark Marketing has partnered with a Philadelphia-based video production firm, called Red C Media, to produce videos for clients.  Red C Media, a division of Corbett Enterprise, has many years of experience producing corporate and website videos that convert.  The in-house production studio is furnished with the state-of-art equipment allowing for the implementation of top-notch motion graphics along with the most professional location shooting process available.  More on video marketing service here.  Says Mosenson, “I am excited to offer this new service. Since I manage many pay-per-click campaigns, the inclusion of video on landing pages increases conversions, and that means more leads into the pipeline, or more ecommerce sales”

Guest Blog Outreach Service, aka Relationship SEO

Thanks to Google’s never ending Panda and Penguin updates, the process of search engine optimization, and generating quality back links has changed.  That being said, Paul and his SEO and content team have now begun a new SEO service, what Paul calls “relationship SEO.”  Mosenson explains, “Ongoing SEO efforts now require not just quality content, but the ability to create relationships with website and blog owners. By doing so, more unique articles are published, and that means quality back links, and that means better search rankings.”  NuSpark Marketing therefore utilizes his alliance of public relations and content professionals along with robust blogger outreach research tools to manage this process, all project-managed by Mosenson. 

NuSpark Marketing is an inbound marketing and internet strategy form located outside Philadelphia. It’s suite of services include website traffic and lead generation, content marketing, social media optimization, and conversion rate optimization.  You may learn more about our digital marketing suite by visiting the NuSpark Marketing website or emailing Paul at

Red C Media is a website design, graphic design, and video production firm located in Norristown PA.  Red C Media is a subsidiary of Corbett Enterprise, an organization that owns multiple firms that – collectively – contribute to overall business growth.  Specifically, Corbett, Inc. is a sales organization in the commercial interiors industry that helps progressive organizations create collaborative working and learning environments, and Corbett Search is a sales and sales management recruitment firm that helps connect emerging growth organizations with top tier sales and executive sales management talent.




JULY 2012

Social Media Analytics Services Now Offered By NuSpark Marketing


Philadelphia PA-  NuSpark Marketing, a nationally renown Philadelphia based internet marketing and lead generation firm, is now offering a new Social Media Analytics service. 

The new service is now being offered to help fill a need in the social media marketing community; that being analyzing the results of social media engagement, and its affect on website conversions and sales. Paul Mosenson, founder of NuSpark Marketing, explains “From speaking with a multitude of social media firms, consultants, and end-user companies, we found that they need help analyzing the data, making strategic recommendations, and report preparation to top management; so now we can partner with those social media managers who need analytical help.”

There are many types of social media analytics tools, many presented on the NuSpark Marketing social media video here Mosenson reviewed most of the tools, and can now customize an approach based on client need and what data they wish to track.  By combining these tools with Google Analytics, NuSpark Marketing will provide a complete picture of social media effectiveness; from post metrics to website conversion metrics, taking into account media attribution modeling, so that social media is given partial credit to the conversion funnel.

Categories of social media analytics NuSpark Marketing measures are:


  • Conversion Goals
  • Visibility Metrics (Reach)
  • Engagement Metrics (Content & Conversation)
  • Website Interactions
  • Business Outcomes (Sales & ROI)

The myriad of reports and analysis we supply will lead to clear strategic optimization to your social media strategy; from content and channel tactics to engagement and distribution.  By continuing to tweak your social media marketing, better engagement occurs, which can lead to increased website visits, conversions, and sales.

The new Social Media Analytics service is being offered to social media consultants, social media firms, marketing firms, and social media managers at companies who prefer the content and engagement elements of social media, but are weak on the analytics side.   Mosenson is an analytics expert and welcomes the opportunity to form alliances.





APRIL 2012


NuSpark Marketing and Marseli form alliance to help b2b firms manage lead funnel, demand generation, and sales pipeline process


Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Marketing, a Philadelphia-based digital content marketing and lead generation firm has formed an alliance with Marseli, also Philadelphia based, a marketing and sales insight and integration software and services firm and run by Founder and former SAP marketing leader Frank Donny.

Why the alignment?  Best-in-class B2B companies have aligned their sales and marketing teams which in turn has proven to drive increase revenue and ROI.  Most companies have not aligned properly, which means message, process, and lead management disconnects, and that means less qualified prospects, leads, and sales opportunities.  The alliance means that companies can now improve the management of their entire revenue generation process, from entrance to sales resolution without causing a major disruptance on their existing investments in sales and marketing.  The combined service and software offerings are meant to help a company capitalize on what they are now doing.

“It begins with the message,” explains Mosenson.  “Proper content marketing is the fuel that drives prospects into the funnel. Buyer persona development, content mapping, content creation, and a strategic lead nurturing process are all mission-critical components that accompany a prospect’s successful journey within the funnel on the way to sales close”

NuSpark Marketing’s focus, then, is the strategic deployment of content marketing via a targeted lead generation process that includes such tactics as paid search, SEO, social media, and paid media. Once the lead is into the nurture process, NuSpark implements and manages marketing automation, so that inbound marketing and demand generation campaigns can continually be optimized. Mosenson himself is a national thought leader on lead management and writer of several ebooks on lead generation and content strategy.

From there, the Marseli services take over.  Besides consulting on the integration of marketing automation, and CRM applications, Marseli’s services and software include optimizing the sales process and uncovering leading and lagging process indicators that help improve pipeline performance.  “I’ll review and implement systems that will improve sales forecasting and conversion rates throughout the pipeline,” explains Donny.  “Salesforce and similar CRMs hold the data, but the strategy on how to extract and analyze the right sales and marketing data locked inside of a sales process is a task sorely needed by sales and marketing executives.”  Marseli is also offering a compelling app for Salesforce that will slice and dice the Salesforce data into actionable insight and manage pipeline metrics automatically.  Donny’s experience in demand generation at SAP and over 20 years of sales operations and demand generation experience qualifies him as an expert at pipeline management, and thus is an ideal partner for NuSpark Marketing. 


JANUARY 11, 2012


NuSpark Marketing proudly welcomes its newest client, Rapid Learning Institute (RLI).

RLI has contracted with NuSpark Marketing to provide a comprehensive lead generation and paid search program to support its growth efforts.  RLI, based outside Philadelphia, provides online tools, called Quick Takes, which help sales managers and directors train their sales teams to perform better.

NuSpark Marketing will be putting together a strategic approach to RLI’s paid search program.  Explains NuSpark Marketing founder Paul Mosenson, “effective paid search programs align specific messages on landing pages with the queries prospects enter into search engines.”  Where previously RLI had all paid search traffic directed to a single landing page, the new program will address the specific needs of sales management, and how the RLI solution satisfies each need.  That means multiple ad group/keyword categories with specific landing pages optimized for conversions.  Landing pages will promote free trials, but content downloads are being considered for A/B tests.

“Bounce rates and cost-per-conversions increase when landing page content is not relevant to the ads, and the ads aren’t aligned with the keywords” says Mosenson.  By having a more strategic approach to the paid search program, quality leads will increase, and the cost-per-conversion will decrease, meaning increased ROI.

NuSpark Marketing is a lead generation/lead management firm from the Philadelphia area that assesses each element of the lead funnel.  NuSpark offers strategic recommendations that will make lead generation strategies work better. 




DECEMBER 6, 2011

Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing Named One of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management

Philadelphia, PA, December 6, 2011—As voted by his peers, the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) has named Paul Mosenson, Founder of lead management firm NuSpark Marketing based outside Philadelphia, one of the most influential people in b2b sales lead management.  Paul’s thought leadership on lead generation, marketing automation, and funnel optimization certainly contributed to this fine achievement.  Paul was the driving force and keynote speaker in planning the Philadelphia Spring Content Marketing Summit. Additionally, Paul and NuSpark Marketing:

  • Increases many clients’ website traffic and conversions through strategic inbound marketing and lead generation techniques, thus resulting in increased revenue
  • Produces a widely successful blog, covering a wide variety of lead generation strategies, including content marketing and marketing automation best practices
  • Are recognized as one of the few agencies in the country that consults and assesses on media strategy, traditional and digital, as well as inbound marketing and demand generation
  • Gathered a national team of senior-level content advisors to support marketing efforts with clients and prospects


James W. Obermayer, executive director of the SLMA, announced the results of the voting for the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2011. Over 7,100 votes were cast by 4,656 people (22% more than the 2010 election) for 79 nominees (each voter could choose up to three nominees). Obermayer said, “People who win are recognized by their peers as multi-dimensional sales and marketing experts. They have given unselfishly of their time as speakers, teachers, and writers on the deep multi-dimensional topic of sales lead management.”


Susan Campanale, VP of Marketing for the SLMA said, “These people are recognized by their peers as power players in the pursuit of ROI for marketing lead generation.” The mission of the SLMA is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads. Membership in the SLMA is free.




NOVEMBER 20, 2011


New eBook on Lead Generation; A Strategic Guide to Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing Advertising with Google Adwords


Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Marketing, a Philadelphia-based digital marketing and lead generation firm, has written a new eBook on Lead Generation for B2B firms, called A Strategic Guide to Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing Advertising with Google Adwords.  The book is the first of its kind to marry lead generation and funnel optimization metrics with search engine advertising best practices.

“Almost all of search marketing books out there concentrate on ecommerce applications, because it’s easier to measure online sales and conversions,” says Mosenson.  “Because my consultancy focuses on lead generation for firms that sell complex products, measuring conversions and ROI is much more complicated.”

That complication is because of the method of qualifying leads throughout the funnel, until a sales resolution is met at the bottom.  From lead entry to sale, there can be months of follow-up activity mostly through sales calls and lead-nurturing content.  Luckily, some marketing automation systems and Google’s Adwords platform has a interface, so that sales opportunities and revenue can be tied back to the source of initial contact, including search engine pay-per-click ads. These platforms are addressed in the eBook.

Another highlight of the eBook is the vast examples of click-to-sale processes, and the effect on revenue and ROI when items such as quality score and landing page conversion architectures are improved.  “Just by making such minor modifications to the search campaigns and landing page call-to-actions, the increase in sales opportunities can be significant,” says Mosenson.

Much of the basics are covered in the eBook, but those basics are complemented by insightful strategies to optimize lead generation.  Covered are strategies for settings, keyword selection (and how search behavior varies throughout a buying cycle), bidding strategy, ad text strategy, and measurement with analytics.

The eBook can be downloaded from the NuSpark Marketing website at





SEPTEMBER 28, 2011


NuSpark Marketing, a Philadelphia-based digital marketing and lead generation firm, announced today the creation of a National Content Marketing Alliance to expand its services to generate more high-quality leads for B2B companies.

The alliance partnership, comprised of seven nationally-known B2B content marketers, positions NuSpark Marketing to provide the right message at the right time and place to B2B clients to generate better quality leads and close a higher percentage of sales opportunities.

“Companies still don’t really get the concept of content marketing as it relates to lead generation,” says Mosenson.  “At the end of the day, it’s the message that drives traffic, generates leads and converts leads into sales via lead nurturing. The message is the engine that drives pay-per-click, SEO, website design and social media management.  That’s why the expansion with the national content marketing team was formed.”

For typical B2B companies, 80% of the leads they receive actually go on to buy within 24 months, according to Aberdeen Group research. The firms they buy from are the ones that stay in touch with the customer by providing ongoing relevant content that guides buyers through their buying cycle.  Without a proper content strategy, leads leave the funnel rather than engage and purchase. 

The NuSpark Marketing National Content Marketing Alliance will manage the message process, and combined with strategic lead generation tactics, form a sound lead management engine designed to increase B2B company revenue and improve ROI. In addition, any firm struggling with marketing automation platforms will benefit from its content marketing strategies.

“I never thought I’d be a content marketing company when I started my business, but it just makes sense to combine content marketing with lead generation tactics.  Without the right value proposition, the right content that prospects request to download, and the right website messages that engage audiences, all that pay-per-click, SEO, digital media, and social media tactics firms implement might as well be stopped.”

Joining NuSpark Marketing in this alliance are:

  • Bob Leonard (
  • Maureen Monfore (
  • Michael Selissen (
  • Rachel Franco (
  • Susan Fantle (
  • Wendy Brache (www.salesforcebranding,com)
  • Wendy Marx, President of Marx Communications (, B2B public relations