Marketing Performance: Analytics and Measurement

You want results. We do too. So, we include robust marketing analytics with any tactic we implement for you.

To understand your buyer’s journey from their first web visit to conversion takes both science and art. We’ll analyze the data and gradually tweak and optimize the process to generate leads and sales efficiently as possible.

We’ll provide you with actionable insights for successful marketing programs based on how people respond to your messages and our knowledge of buyer behavior and analytics.

After all, we have nearly 20 years’ experience with Google Analytics. Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors find you and how they interact with your website. When using this information properly, you can focus your marketing efforts more effectively to produce leads, sales and Return on Investment (ROI).

Our analytics services include:

Lead Generation

You’ll get robust reports that show how prospects navigate your website from their first visit to conversion. Also, you’ll benefit from advanced audience segmentation that hones in on what kinds of visitors best engage with your site and produce conversions. You’ll also learn how your content is contributing to your lead generation and sales.


The online shopper does not buy right away. Find out the roadblocks in the cart to purchase process and how to optimize the buyer experience.

Social Media

You’ll also learn about the contributions of your social media marketing. See what’s happening in at-a-glance custom dashboards that show how people are engaging with your content. Once we understand how prospects engage with your messages, we’ll optimize tactics to drive website visits and conversions.

Mobile and Apps

As you know, mobile and app marketing continues to grow. If we’re promoting your apps, we’ll include install and usage reports. Again, it’s all about optimization. It’s about results.

With NuSpark Marketing  you’ll get custom reports, dashboards, and insights to help you understand how prospects use your website to learn about your firm. Also, we’ll create attribution and conversion funnel models that measure your marketing tactics and show how they contribute to conversions.

Our Process