Marketing Automation Management

Marketing Automation manages and automates the process of converting prospects into actual buyers. It is the glue that connects your demand generation-content marketing-lead nurturing process.  Used effectively, it manages and optimizes nearly every step of the sales funnel from initial lead capture to qualified lead hand-off to your sales team. Marketing automation contributes to shorter sales cycles, increased conversion rates, reduction of lost sales opportunities, increased revenue, and an improved marketing ROI.

NuSpark Marketing has been managing marketing automation systems since its inception, and we are skilled at implementing lead nurture programs that generate results. We work with you to manage your marketing automation system to move leads through the sales funnel and qualify them for your sales team.

Our marketing automation program management includes the following tasks:
A discovery meeting to learn more about your business; its target audience, and why prospects buy
Integration of demand gen programs with lead nurture campaigns
Email marketing template design and deployment
Basic lead scoring setup
Landing page development
Web form development
Lead nurture flow management for every segment and campaign
Regular A/B testing
List building and segmentation
Lead routing setup
Content marketing strategy and content creation
Platform integration with your CRM so that lead data is synchronized, enabling the sales team to follow up on bottom-funnel leads and maintain updated lists of potential qualified leads.
Campaign KPI measurement and recommendations

Our lead nurture automated drip campaign builds includes robust planning templates as shown within one of our blog posts.

If you need help managing these complex marketing automation platforms (of which many we have experience with), or just need a content strategy, don’t hesitate to contact the team at NuSpark Marketing. We generate leads; and we nurture them into sales!

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