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If you don’t increase your conversion rate by 20% within 60 days of relaunching your paid search with us, we’ll refund our service fees!

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Increase Your ROI on Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Are you tired of:

  • Excessively high cost-per-acquisition?
  • Poor landing-page conversion rates?
  • Inflated lead costs?

Our Proven Process to Increase Conversions

Our data-driven process combines strategy, science, art, know-how and sheer persistence.

Look Before We Leap

We set the foundation by learning about your buyers’ wants, needs and emotional triggers. Seeing into their minds is critical to your campaign’s success.

Improve a Paid Search Campaign

Increase Ad Relevance

Google rewards ads that are relevant to your keywords. Bonus: you attract the right people.

Optimize Bidding Strategies

Use the right bidding strategies to meet your goals.

Improve Keywords

Put keywords to work that rev up your ROI.

Block Bad Searches

Use negative keywords to stop unprofitable clicks.

Get the Perfect Match

Determine the optimal keyword matches for your campaign—broad, phrase or exact.

Encourage Second Looks

Leverage retargeting ads to bring interested clickers back again and again.

Increase Click-Through Rates

We’ll create attention-grabbing keyword-rich headlines and descriptors for your ads. Our proven copywriting techniques drive higher click-through rates from the people most likely to become your customers. Plus, we test and refine your ads for peak performance.

I Want This!

Create a High-Converting Landing Page

Capture Attention

Grab eye balls and mind share with compelling headlines and sub-heads.

Emphasize Benefits

Visitors convert to customers when you answer, “What’s in it for me?” So, your copy will focus on your product’s benefits.

Reader-Friendly Design

Graphically-pleasing, mobile-responsive design invites the visitor to read more. Visuals reinforce the message.

Garner Trust

People only buy if they trust you, so we incorporate testimonials, 3rd party endorsements, client logos, and awards.

Create Irresistible Offers

We’ll advise you on how to reduce conversion resistance by reducing risk — perhaps a free trial or guarantee.

Strong Calls to Action

Your calls-to-action will employ psychological triggers that spur action.

Add Steroids with an Engaging Video

Videos can increase landing-page conversions by 86%.i

With our full package you’ll get a short video that brings your product or service’s story to life. It grabs your prospect’s attention, makes them eager to read on and more likely to convert.

i Eyeview, Increase Online Conversion Through Video

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Measure, Manage and Optimize Your Campaign

Set Proper Goals

We’ll review and set up your conversion goals in Google Analytics

Measure Relevant Activity

Using Google Tag Manager, we’ll track your event conversions and other measurable activity


We’ll constantly monitor and refine your campaign to improve results

Your Investment

Turbo Charge Your Ad Campaign

The Full Monty

  • PPC management and optimization for 3 months
  • Create a new landing page (copy and design) from scratch
  • Craft an explainer video that steps up landing page conversions

The best choice if you want to maximize results rapidly.

The Fresh Start

  • PPC management and optimization for 3 months
  • Create a new landing page (copy and design) from scratch

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Ideal if your landing page is sleeping on the job and you need one that works hard 24/7.

The Booster

  • PPC management and optimization for 3 months
  • Fine tune current landing page (copy and design)

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Perfect if your landing page is working, but needs to be buffed up to reach optimum performance.

RISK FREE We assess and document your conversion history. Once you’re ready to increase your conversions, you pay a 50 percent deposit for our services. After 60 days, if your conversion-rate has not increased by 20 percent or more, we refund your deposit and you owe us nothing.

It's Risk-Free

You get your money back if you don’t increase conversions by 20%. We don’t know of any other offer like that. Why not? Many agencies put billable hours first.

We're Results Focused

Of course, we like to be paid too. We wouldn’t make an offer like this unless we were confident we could increase your conversions by at least 20%. We’ll manage your campaign to make it happen.

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Our Results

How can we be so confident? Because we’re a team of seasoned marketers who have predictably driven conversions again and again and again. For example:

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Personal care products (e-commerce)
SAAS solutions
Solutions for human resources

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