Digital Media & Lead Generation

Google certified, with over 30 years of media experience, NuSpark is your go-to source for help in managing all kinds of digital media campaigns, including search, display, social, mobile and more. A good media mix contributes to more leads and sales, so we can analyze what you’re doing right now and fill in the gaps as needed. Everything we do is measured with analytics, and for each tactic we can act as consultant, manager, or implementer–whatever you need.

Media Services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sure, keyword rank and search engine visibility are critical, but we also measure our performance on organic conversion increase. Yes, we utilize best practices with link building and generating targeted citations, but we also insure that the traffic increases we generate have the highest opportunity to convert into a lead or purchase. In our view SEO is a marketing tactic, and that means we optimize for lead generation.

Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click

Paid search is both a science and an art. Unfortunately, most firms see it more as a science. Not us. NuSpark founder Paul Mosenson has been managing paid search programs since its infancy. He understands user intent, and puts together programs that target both top funnel (initial research) and bottom funnel (ready to buy). We understand it’s all about relevancy, and we focus on matching a great landing page with a very persuasive ad that matches the search query of a prospect. We live optimization–be assured your paid search results will improve.

Online Display

Search targets those actively looking for a solution, but display’s goal is to generate top of the funnel demand. Display is about targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time in the right channel. We use many sophisticated tools and platforms to plan and optimize campaigns, and we negotiate aggressively with ad networks, exchanges, and DSPs to ensure we maximize ROI. In addition, we negotiate programs with chosen targeted publishers and can recommend to you a mix of content sponsorships, e-blast programs and unique publisher display opportunities.


The importance of a solid retargeting program is critical for increased lead generation. We put together sophisticated retargeting programs to ensure messages served are relevant and compelling. Many NuSpark clients have shown visible sales increases due to our retargeting programs, including newer mobile and app retargeting tactics. Additionally, we can also retarget your customer email lists via social media.

Content Syndication and Native Advertising

Generating leads from your white papers and e-books is the first step to building trust with interested prospects. We are skilled at planning and implementing robust content syndication programs on a cost-per-lead basis via a wide variety of vendors. We’ll get you leads through powerful native advertising programs as well; we know how to place content in channels most likely visited by your prospects.

Mobile and App Marketing

If you have an app or a properly mobilized website, we can put together robust mobile lead generation programs for you. Whether you wish to generate leads via mobile or increase app installs, we utilize best-in-class platforms to plan, implement and track mobile activity. Mobile marketing is critical for your firm’s future growth, and we’re up-to-speed on the latest technology.

Social Media Advertising

There are many opportunities to target your messages on social. We are skilled at laser-targeting your messages towards those audiences most likely to buy using a mix of demographic, behavioral and contextual targeting tactics. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other channels all have a multitude of ways to target messages. We’re on top of all of them, and we optimize for conversions on an ongoing basis.

Video Marketing

Video is proven to drive increased engagement and conversions, so its importance within a lead generation program is crucial. We put together targeted advertising strategies on video advertising platforms, including YouTube. Plus, if you want to promote your video within mobile and apps, we do that too!

Our Process