A doctor starts his patient’s path to health with a diagnosis, not a cure. And compelling content doesn’t begin with words or graphics. Its foundation is built on an understanding of your clients, their problems, the questions they ask and the content they seek.

After digging deeply into your customers’ needs, we wrap what we’ve learned into profiles of the people for whom you’re creating content. In this way, personas eliminate the guesswork from content creation, enabling you to tailor content to your buyer’s needs, content that informs, educates, and helps them make decisions and address their problems.

This customized material:
Attracts prospects to your site
Gets shared via social media channels
Shortens your sales cycle
Converts more leads

We interview your customers, and even prospects who got away, and create in-depth buyer personas for you. You’ll discover:

What motivates customers to prioritize addressing the problem your product or service solves.
How prospects envision the results of a successful purchase… allowing you to help them visualize their dream.
The obstacles that sometimes prevent a buyer from looking for a solution to the problem. If you know the blockades, you can create content that helps buyers overcome them.
The decision criteria that push a product over the last hurdle, becoming the final selection.
How a buyer moves through the buying process.
Because personas provide insights that are below the surface, they give you the edge over your competition. This customer knowledge enables us to map out the marketing content you need to move buyers systematically through the buying cycle faster.

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