Case Studies

Ecommerce Client Increases Transactions 39% and ROI 80%

Category: Ecommerce

Product: ProFresh, Halitosis Treatment


Utilizing search and social advertising channels, the client was experiencing low conversion rates, and the cost-per-acquisition was not achieving goals. The company turned to Paul Mosenson to improve the major KPIs and increase sales more efficiently.

  • Using conversion data from Google Ad’s search term report, Paul identified the best performing queries, and eliminated the poorer keywords
  • Ads were rewritten, focusing on the benefits of the product instead of the features
  • Google Ad campaigns were reorganized, and low-converting demographics (age and income) were disabled
  • Facebook audiences were too broad; very specific audiences were created based on high performing personas

Comparing October 2018-March 2019 with Paul’s campaign management versus previous year:

  • Transactions up 39%
  • Cost-per-transaction improved 30%
  • Product revenue up 32%
  • ROI improved 80%

New Website and Media Strategy for New York Architect Generate over 400% Increase in Traffic

Category: Business-to-Consumer Service

Product: Philadelphia-based Home Heath/Caregiver Service


Traffic was limited on their website and led generation was lacking, so ZOH Architects, a Hamptons NY firm, tuned to Paul Mosenson and his team to drive more website traffic and increase website conversions.

  • Rebuilt (design and copy) multiple pages on the website, including a more dynamic home page with stunning visuals and benefit-laden copy.
  • Implemented more enhanced conversion tracking; forms, call tracking, and email submission tracking
  • Developed a focused paid search campaign targeting upscale audiences in the New York metro

Comparing April 2018-March 2019 to the previous period:

  • Organic traffic up 267%
  • Overall traffic up 434%
  • Conversions increased from 9 to 55

Robust Media & SEO Programs Result in 45% Website Traffic Increase and 170% Increase in Online Web Form Submissions for Local University

Category: Business-to-Business

Product: Corporate Personality/Behavior Assessment Testing Targeting Human Resource Executives


University was not achieving their undergraduate application goals as well as their graduate program admissions goals. The University looked to Paul as well as branding team to create/update a new brand promise as well as drive quality leads and applications.

  • The branding team performed robust consumer research and attitudinal studies, then created a new logo, slogan, and brand messaging to target the key audiences in the market
  • A mix of targeted television, radio, and out-of-home tactics together with a new digital media strategy was implemented
  • Better tracking via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics was developed, tracking forms, apps, calls, emails, and guide downloads
  • A robust digital media strategy was developed and implemented by Paul including:
    • Paid search
    • Native
    • Display and retargeting
    • Facebook utilizing myriads of audience segments/li>
    • LinkedIn
    • Video Pre-Roll and YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat
  • Conversion optimization occurred on an ongoing basis, including better use of online forms, more focused copy, and proof points
  • We also implemented a new SEO strategy; focusing on better keywords, more-focused tags, content linking, backlinking and more.

Comparing September 2016-March 2019 to the previous period:

  • New user sessions increased by 45%
  • New user organic traffic rose 28%
  • Website form conversions (open houses, apps, and more) increased by 171%
  • Goal conversion rate increased by 92%

NuSpark Marketing Builds a Successful Demand Generation Program for an Information Technology SAAS product


Galileo Performance Explorer® is a comprehensive SaaS IT infrastructure monitoring solution. It’s easy to use and it empowers IT leaders to make sound business decisions and prevent slowdowns and outages. Despite the product’s advantages over competitors’ offerings, leads for Galileo were below expectations. IT leaders might stumble across the Galileo booth at a trade show but rarely found them on the web. When people visited the Galileo site, they did not convert into online leads as often as the company’s leaders would have liked.

Considering Galileo’s target audience is busy handling the day-to-day management of their current performance solutions and multiple other projects, it’s not surprising that it is hard to gain their attention.

Thus, Charlie Born, CMO for Galileo, faced a challenge familiar to many B2B marketers: How to generate quality leads and increase the sales pipeline. It was time for a fresh approach. After considering various agency options, Charlie chose to partner with NuSpark Marketing due to their ROI-focused approach to lead and demand generation, history of successes in the B2B/IT space, and their reputation for client service.


The Strategic Foundation

NuSpark began by building a strategic foundation. Persona research helped them to understand who was involved in the buying decision, their buying cycle and the questions customers asked as they sought a solution. This information was the vital foundation for creating Galileo’s content strategy, editorial calendar and online media plan.

The Nuts and Bolts

To build Galileo’s online presence, NuSpark implemented several approaches.

To attract leads, NuSpark created a comprehensive demand generation plan which included a mix of bottom-funnel offers (demos and trials) with mid-funnel lead generation activity. The lead generation included production and promotion several white papers and a co-sponsored webinar. The content, which NuSpark promoted via content syndication, newsletter sponsorships, and e-blasts to publisher e-mail lists, generated more than 1200 leads.

Also, because of NuSpark’s relationships with major vendors such as Tech Target, QuinStreet, IDG Enterprise, Netline, and UBM Tech, they were able to negotiate substantial savings on custom advertising packages.

To increase Galileo’s credibility in the marketplace, NuSpark ghost-wrote articles for Galileo’s on-site blog every week, optimized them based on keyword research, and shared them on LinkedIn and Twitter. These posts demonstrated thought leadership and boosted Galileo’s presence in the organic search engine rankings. NuSpark also wrote a couple of guest posts every month, becoming contributors to high-ranking blogs such as and Network World. Thus, they gained valuable backlinks to Galileo’s website which helped increase keyword rankings on search engines. Also, NuSpark enhanced the Galileo website, making it faster for users and easier for the search engines to crawl. These combined efforts resulted in a 109% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous year.

In addition to increasing traffic via organic searches, NuSpark designed a cost-effective AdWords campaign to draw more high-quality visitors and convert them into bottom-funnel sales opportunities. Instead of bidding on costly umbrella keywords, such as “server monitoring,” they used more specific ones like “AIX server monitoring.” Conversion rates increased, and cost-per-conversion decreased over the course of the campaigns as NuSpark continually optimized performance.

NuSpark’s teleservices team also provided Galileo with increased sales opportunities. They wrote custom phone scripts and complemented their inside sales team by booking demos for Galileo at a faster pace than Galileo’s team could achieve by themselves.

As a final part of the lead generation initiative, NuSpark redesigned and rewrote much of Galileo’s website to increase conversion rates. The upshot was a surge of 360% in content downloads, a 52% boost in free trials and a 50% increase in quotes. In total, conversions doubled — an increase of 101%.

NuSpark managed all lead generation efforts using the marketing automation platform Pardot, implementing a robust drip lead-nurturing email cadence, segmented by personas, which resulted in a double-digit increase in marketing qualified leads.

Flipping the Funnel

NuSpark also recommended that Galileo pursue an account-based marketing strategy. For the program, they crafted a series of templated emails for each buyer persona with instructions to the reps on where and how to add personalization. To find the most likely buyers for Galileo’s reps to contact, they used sales and marketing intelligence from RainKing.

The Technology Stack

Throughout the process, NuSpark managed Galileo’s technology stack shown below.

Technology Stack
Marketing Automation: Pardot
Predictive Analytics: Rain King
Website Conversions: Optin Monster
Analytics Dashboards: Google Analytics
Paid Search: Google AdWords
Guest Blogging Outreach: NinjaOutreach
Prospect Intelligence: Sales Navigator
Social Media Management: Hootsuite
Video Marketing: Wistia
SEO: Moz

109% increase in organic traffic to Website compared to previous year
360% surge in content downloads
52% boost in free trials
50% increase in quotes
101% increase in conversions
Content, which NuSpark promoted via content syndication, newsletter sponsorships, and e-blasts to publisher e-mail lists, generated more than 1200 leads.

What the Client Says

“As an advisory CMO, I have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of internal marketing teams and external marketing firms. From the start, Paul and his NuSpark Marketing team have impressed me with their ability to quickly become team players and a strategic partner vs. just another vendor.

They have shown an ongoing ability to present new lead generation tactics that can be measured with analytic dashboards. Paul and his team go the extra mile, think proactively and are a pleasure to work with.

If you’re looking for outstanding 24/7 service, I would recommend Paul and the NuSpark team for any IT or B2B firm looking for quality lead growth.”
Charlie Born, Advisory CMO Delivering Growth for Small & Mid-Sized Companies

On-Site Conversions Tripled After One Year of SEO and Conversion Optimization

PROBLEM had been optimized for organic search but we were certain that improvements could be made.Many of the keyword phrases being targeted were very broad and though driving traffic they were not converting in Google. We needed to determine the keywords that were being searched for in this industry to drive more qualified traffic to the site to increase the leads/conversions.


We started with an in-depth assessment of the website to determine what could be improved to gain more traffic and conversions. We did extensive keyword research to determine the optimal keywords for organic search.  This information was then used to begin the complete optimization process.

Beyond the initial on-page optimization, we used a series of content marketing techniques.  Among them, article publishing and guest blogging had the biggest push.  To gain the most exposure, content was published in the industrial manufacturing sector.


When the baseline was established in November 2013, had 8,641 visitors from organic search and 79 conversions. At the end of the campaign, November 2014 visitors from organic increased to 12,640 but conversions nearly tripled to 181.

Verifi Captures 181 Inquiries in Niche Market In Just Two Months


Verifi creates innovative electronic payment and risk management solutions for online merchants that deal with card-not-present transactions. Verifi’s technically-oriented associates had never focused on marketing and did not understand their customers well or how to communicate with them. Top management was frustrated because they knew that there was potential to grow more rapidly but had only been able to generate a few, low-quality leads. Therefore, they hired a chief marketing officer to exploit the opportunity.


The CMO recognized that Verifi did not have the skills and resources internally to gain necessary market insights or generate demand. So he hired NuSpark Marketing as Verifi’s ancillary marketing department.

The first challenge we faced was to become familiar with Verifi’s customers. We wanted to learn what triggers their interest in Verifi’s solutions, how they travel through the buying cycle, the people they talk with along the way, the content they consume and how they make their purchase decision. We conducted research with Verifi’s clients and developed five distinct buyer personas that described customer motivations and decision making. We mapped buyers’ questions to the content required answer them. This content map provided Verifi with direction on how to walk prospects seamlessly through their buying cycle.  

In addition, we built a demand generation program that included:

  • Paid search
  • On-site and guest-blog posts
  • LinkedIn sponsored posts
  • Content syndication through e-blasts as well as online advertising on targeted websites
  • Landing pages to capture leads
  • Retargeting campaigns that advertise to those who leave landing pages without converting to a lead
  • Videos that explain complex concepts in a quick, engaging way  

Once we captured leads, we followed up with an email lead-nurturing campaign that offered a mix of relevant content and free assessments and trials, allowing us to increase prospects’ familiarity with and trust of Verifi.


As a result of NuSpark Marketing’s efforts, click throughs on paid search advertising increased by 113%. Also, landing page conversion rate moved up from 0.26% to 3.95% due to using more highly targeted, relevant keywords in ads, A/B testing and improved landing-page copy. Also, in just the first two months we increased leads from virtually none to 181. NuSpark Marketing continues to develop Verifi’s demand generation and lead nurturing programs.

Manufacturer Generates 40 Monthly Leads For Laser Scanning Equipment


Leica Geosystems, a company that designs and produces 3D laser scanning equipment and software for surveying and measurement, has its roots in land surveying. The potential of its products, however, to solve problems in industrial plants, drew it into the plant market in recent years.

Sales people were putting forth a valiant effort to sell 3D scanners to industries that ranged from oil and gas to aerospace, cobbling together their own sales presentations, while marketing focused on traditional markets. At the same time, reps battled with price objections when prospects learned that Leica Geosystems’ leading laser scanner was twice the price of competitors’ models. The problem, however, was not price but lack of education. Education was critical for prospects to understand that Leica Geosystems offered high value.


NuSpark Marketing believes in starting with a solid foundation before launching into a marketing initiative. So, we wanted to learn how potential buyers tick, what keeps them up at night, the questions they have about laser scanning, and how they make decisions. Therefore, we conducted persona research that revealed two key personas who influenced the buying decision. Each had distinct informational needs — one focused on the technical benefits of 3D laser scanning and its ability to make their lives easier and safer, and the other motivated by bottom-line results.

Based on our findings, we developed a content strategy, a map to show how each piece of content helped to move the buying decision forward, and an editorial calendar outlining a schedule for producing e-books, case studies, webinars and more. We built and implemented the content marketing, demand generation and lead management strategy.

Our first initiative was to create an e-book  and promote it with an e-blast through Plant Engineering. We also developed and implemented a lead nurturing plan through Leica Geosystems’ marketing automation system.


Because the e-book addressed buyer needs that we had unearthed through the research, and we advertised it through laser-targeted media, Leica Geosystems was able to generate 80 inquiries in a niche market in just six weeks. Lead nurturing and continued demand generation is now underway with leads continuing to grow.

Tele-Services Company Increases Leads Generated by 1,400% in 1 Year


3D2B had a strong position in the European market but wanted to expand into North America where they were unknown. They were starting from ground zero with no demand generation or lead nurturing strategy. They knew that to reach a new audience their marketing initiatives should center on their website; however, it was starved of compelling content and offered no pathway for turning web-browsers into buyers.  

In addition, another obstacle lay between management and their goals — tele-services, although vital to business growth have less than stellar reputation. They asked NuSpark Marketing to help launch the international expansion by creating and implementing a lead and demand generation process.


NuSpark Marketing believes in fact-based marketing — truly understanding prospects and clients before reaching out to them. Therefore, we started with persona research. The study included interviews with clients to unravel how they move through the buying process, the content they consume along the way, the questions they ask and, ultimately, how they make decisions. In addition, we surveyed the competitive landscape. This research became the foundation on which we built and implemented the content marketing and lead management strategy.  

We mapped out content needed to answer all the buyers’ questions and move them logically through the research and decision-making process. Then we:

  • Provided advice on their website and landing page redesign
  • Created a demand generation promotional calendar
  • Developed multiple white papers, e-books, case studies and webinars
  • Managed 3D2B’s pay-per click advertising
  • Took charge of website’s search engine optimization
  • Created compelling content for their website through website copywriting and ongoing blogging
  • Opened up 3D2B to new audiences via guest posting on high-traffic, well-recognized websites such as
  • Ensured distribution of new content and built relationships through social media management
  • Further promoted content through precision targeted third-party lists
  • Gave guidance on how to nurture leads effectively and efficiently using marketing automation
  • Measured and analyzed all results, to provide direction for optimizing conversions
  • Offered ongoing strategic leadership

Due to search engine optimization and paid advertising, web traffic quadrupled in one year. Organic traffic increased 150% as 3D2B rose in the search engine rankings for targeted keyword phrases. Even more importantly, we increased leads by 1400%. Also, 3D2B increased sales conversions on their website by 433%.  

Paid Search Increased Lead Quality For Significant Decrease in Cost-Per-Conversion


Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) is an e-learning company based outside Philadelphia. RLI provides an online training system that helps sales managers and HR managers train their teams to be better leaders and more productive employees. In most companies, accountability for talent development lies with managers. The problem is, most managers lack the skill, the resources or the time to perform that task effectively. The RLI gives managers the tools they need to turn talent development into a manageable task.


RLI had been promoting their products via paid search for 6 months before Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing (and Baldy Dog alliance) took over.  The issues were many:  poor quality leads; cookie-cutter ads, and very high cost-per-conversion, which lead to a poor ROI.  RLI let go their previous search provider, and seeked out the talents of Mosenson and his team to reorganize the campaign, generate better quality clicks and conversions, and get the cost-per-conversion goals to manageable levels. 


The NuSpark Marketing paid search solution for RLI started with two initiatives; persona research, and conversion architecture.

Persona Research: We took a deep dive into the target audience; learning the issues sales managers have; what problems they have, what their potential solutions are, and how RLI can solve their business challenges.  Once we fully understand the needs of the target audience, we then put together a conversion plan.

Conversion Plan: No paid search plan works without a sound conversion architecture. Called conversion rate optimization (CRO), we put together a group of landing pages tied into each of the new ad groups we planned to develop. We set up a test for each landing page whereby each ad group would either go to a free content landing page (white paper download on sales training) or a free trial page.  Each landing page was developed with the audience in mind- scan-able copy, compelling image, testimonials and benefits, and a short web form to limit form abandonment.

Paid Search Structure:  We then married the landing pages with new ad groups.  Ad groups were organized based on a specific sales manager pain point.  Ad groups were broken down into three major categories:

  • Sales Meeting ideas and topics (2 ad groups)
  • Sales Skills and Techniques (10 ad groups)
  • Sales Results and Productivity (6 ad groups)

Keyword research combined long-tail terms (search queries three or more words) and 3 match types- modified broad, phrase, and exact.  In addition, a large list of negative terms was developed, so that ads were shown to more relevant searches.  Then, 3-4 ads per ad group were developed; very specific to the ad groups and keywords, in order to improve campaign quality scores. In addition, after 2 months, a successful retargeting campaign was implemented; targeting audiences who did not perform an initial conversion, but then did convert due to the retargeting message.

Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo, were consistently optimized for performance on a frequent basis.


Between February and June (first 5 months), the campaign worked tremendously and achieved the goals of RLI.

  • Clicks increased 48%
  • Conversions increased 135%
  • Cost per Click decreased 36%
  • Cost per Conversion decreased 72%

RLI Vice President of Marketing, Brian McCallum, wrote Paul a testimonial:

“In November 2011 we hired Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Marketing to manage our paid search lead generation efforts. Our ROI was not reaching goal and the cost-per-conversions were unacceptable. Paul came in, helped us with our conversion tactics, revised our ad group strategy, and put together a comprehensive paid search effort that resulted in an increase in quality leads and a significant decrease in cost-per-conversion. His strategic approach, enthusiasm, and results-focused attitude are outstanding.  Any firm would benefit immensely by utilizing Paul and his team for lead generation optimization.”

Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO to Build Traffic

My client has asked for confidentiality for this published case study. You may call me for more details.


XXX Products is a manufacturer of a well-known brand of household appliances, sold via hardware stores, department stores, and online stores. XXX is in a competitive field and asked NuSpark Marketing to implement and manage a social media program to build and enhance the XXX brand.


Although XXX had dabbled into social media with a Facebook business page, what they really needed was a comprehensive content plan and a strategic approach to fan engagement including analytics and measurement. Additionally, XXX wanted to be known as a source for appliance information for audiences doing appliance research on search engines, and thus an SEO plan was also requested.


NuSpark Marketing put together a multi-faced social media and content program designed to engaged audiences, build the brand’s attributes, and drive website traffic.  Our challenge was to make a standard nondescript household appliance into one with personality.  Content that is shared via social media channels must be interesting and encourage sharing.  Our approach:

  • Based on competitive research and audience demographics, we chose Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ as initial channels to build a presence.
  • We put together a quarterly content plan covering monthly and weekly themes, brand attribute categories, XXX events and announcements, and product-of-the-week spotlights.  We also incorporated (planned, wrote, and posted) website content in the form of usage tips and “how-to” articles to drive website traffic from social channels.
  • Following the quarterly calendar, we implemented 2-week at-a-time social media posting calendars with post details, links, and photos, shared content and original content postings.  We also posted “trigger” events (not planned but timely)  where appropriate.
  • We also planned and shot monthly “how-to” videos for the XXX website, YouTube channel, and other channels to increase engagement.
  • We implemented numerous product giveaway sweepstakes promotions on Facebook to drive “page likes” and mailing list entrants for email marketing.
  • To grow Facebook fans initially, we took advantage of some Facebook advertising, targeting specific interests, ages, and states with Timeline ads and sponsored story ads.
  • We created and optimized Google+ and YouTube branded channels.
  • We performed a comprehensive blogger outreach research program, and implemented bimonthly pitch events that included product reviews and product giveaways.  Each event was promoted heavily within each blogger’s social media channels as well as PR distribution services; for SEO.
  • We implemented an SEO program based on relevant keywords and content strategy.

An example of our posting calendar headings:


Our strategies and tactics have worked tremendously well in many of the major metric categories and thus continue to achieve client goals.  Metric highlights:

  • Facebook Page Likes- average growth 15 likes per day from non-advertising sources
  • Posts average over 3% virality (a sound measure of posting success)
  • Facebook post consumptions have increased over 100% versus prior periods
  • Organic website traffic has increased 50% 2Q versus 1Q and continues to grow.