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According to Sirius Decisions, 92% of companies recognize the value of account-based marketing and see it as a “must have” for their B2B marketing strategies. So what is account based marketing and why is it gaining so much traction?

In traditional B2B lead generation, marketers cast a wide net to attract leads, then sort through them to find those that are valuable. With a sound account based marketing strategy, marketing and sales teams instead decide which accounts are most likely to generate sales revenue and then target them. By spearfishing for the big fish, they land fewer, but higher quality accounts.

The downside, however, is that account based marketing can be time-consuming. And that’s why NuSpark Marketing offers account based marketing tactics that help you implement it efficiently and successfully.

Services include:

Identify Accounts Based on Predictive Marketing and Intent Data

Predictive marketing and analytics help you learn which companies and some of the decision-makers to target. There are a multitude of platforms that use predictive analytics and buyer intent data to identify companies that may need your product and services.  If you do not subscribe to one currently, we’ll recommend a platform(s) to use for target account identification.  Some of the platforms we work with are RainKing6Sense, Infer, Bombora, Lattice engines, Radius, and more.

Buyer Persona Assessment and Content Development

To gain maximum impact from account based marketing, your messaging and content must be personalized. We start by assessing your buyer personas to ensure they depict key decision makers at your chosen accounts effectively. If your personas need further development, we’ll interview your customers to add definition to the picture of your target customers’ needs and buying cycles.

Based on this research, we develop your content strategy. By segmenting your accounts according to their needs, it allows you to deliver more relevant messages, increasing engagement and opportunities.  We’ll create a content map that shows how to move your buyers through each buying stage by providing the information they need.

Paid Demand Generation and Marketing Programs

We’ll review your marketing plans and content syndication networks and ensure they’re in alignment with your target accounts. Then we’ll negotiate contracts and execute your paid lead generation programs. Madison Logic, Netline, IDG Enterprise, QuinStreet, and Tech Target and others offer robust demand generation programs which include predictive modeling engines. We would review and recommend how to capture leads of those in mid and bottom funnel stages.

You can tell these publishers the accounts you’re targeting, and they’ll do the legwork. Or, simply give them the firmographics you’re interested in, and they’ll watch for online signals of individuals working for those companies.

We also consider IP company and department ad targeting utilizing platforms such as Terminus and Demandbase. Imagine ads targeting your prospects and accounts throughout their own buying stages.  

Identify and Engage Target Decision Makers

We recognize that predictive and intent methodology cannot provide a picture of the full team or help engage with them on a personal level…. So we go a step further.

We recognize that predictive and intent methodology cannot provide a picture of the full team or help engage with them on a personal level. Also, while many people are involved in the purchase decision, landing pages also may only capture a couple of leads from a company. So we go a step further. Once we’ve identified your key accounts in consultation with you, we work with our data partners to find the names and email addresses of as many of the decision-makers as possible.

We use multiple channels to engage with your ideal customers — email, inside sales, social media platforms, even direct mail if appropriate. We start with the human touch, reaching out one-on-one with a phone call, and follow up with a tested, proven cadence of email, social engagement via LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and more phone calls. Interactions via all channels enable us to gain account and personal insights so we can customize messages and increase interest.

Nurturing Decision-Makers and the Entire Buying Team

Nurturing is essential to convert mid-funnel prospects to sales opportunities. So once your initial personalized outreach occurs, we use your email lists of key decision-makers and segment them by role and persona. Then we import them into your marketing automation platform and nurture them with personalized campaigns. We’ll manage or assist you with the nurturing process ensuring that relevant content is targeted to the appropriate segments.

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