Questions to Ask before Marketing & Launching Your Product

Questions to ask before launching or relaunching your product/service. This always comes before marketing strategy! What’s your value proposition? Why buy from you?


You know, before beginning any new marketing program for your product or service, or if you’re evaluating your current marketing program, sometimes it’s good to relook at your own products and services from a value proposition standpoint.  Just to be sure your message is on point.  Years ago I wrote a content marketing template ebook- here are the first few slides that showcase some compelling questions to think about.  What makes you different? Why should prospects buy from you?  Think about it.



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NuSpark Marketing Founder, Chief Lead Generation Strategist and Online Media Director An experienced B2B and B2C marketer, Paul has been helping clients generate leads and grow their businesses for over 25 years. Paul helps plan and optimize marketing and lead generation programs.