How to Track Multiple Website Conversions with Google Ads.

There are many types of website conversions.  Here is how to track them all with Google Ads for better, more complete optimization and reporting.  You’ll learn about all of the buyer intent, lead, and sale activities that occur on your websites or landing pages, and how to measure them with the new Google Ad Platform.



So when I do Google Ad reports for clients, I like to show them all the various conversions on those reports.  For many clients, I track website phone calls, calls from ads, demo sign-ups, mobile GPS clicks, email address clicks, texting actions, chat requests, newsletter sign-ups, contact us forms, quote requests, rate calculators, content downloads, and of course leads and purchases.


There are two kinds of conversions I track.  One, is a buyer intent conversion, that covers most of those I just mentioned; all those activities that represent engagement within a website, like calls, emails, texting, chatting and more. When evaluating keywords and campaign performance from various channels, these kinds of activities are important to measure, because they can lead to clicks becoming leads later on, so they matter when I make media decisions.

The second is a final macro conversion, which is a website activity that represents a form fill or a sale, or, the ultimate goal of a campaign or website.  These are either product purchases, or a webform that prospects fill out when they want to contact you directly, or want to read or view free content.

From a Google Ads perspective, if you have conversion bidding strategies going on, the more conversions you can track the better, so that Google can optimize the bidding based on all conversion activity.

Once you set up all your conversions in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager,  and have them imported into Google Ads, you can find all of your conversion goals deep within the Google Ads platform, under columns, modify columns, …..then custom columns, here are some I have for a client already.  Click new column. Give it a name, like website calls, click conversions, then find the metric under conversions, then conversion actions, where you’ll find your GA conversion names as well as Calls from Ads and website calls.  Then you’ll be able to see all those conversion types within your Google Ad dashboards.

Any questions, let me know. Think About it.

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