How the Power of Customer Reviews Can Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Consumers are savvier now than ever before due to the wealth of information the internet places at their fingertips. But savviness also breeds skepticism in most buyers, which you, as a brand or marketer, must overcome to consistently convert leads into loyal customers.

Driving conversions is all about how your customers’ perceive your business. Including authentic feedback from customers on your landing pages, people who your buyers regard as their peers, is a great way to build trust.

Here’s a look at why sharing the insider’s view of your business through reviews can be so powerful in driving conversions and improving the performance of your landing pages.

Customers Rely on Reviews During Their Entire Journey

A growing majority of consumers turn to online reviews before making any online purchases. Also, a recent poll by TrustRadius revealed that customers rely on reviews to guide them in many phases of the buyer’s journey, and much earlier than you may have realized.

76% of respondents indicated that they use customer reviews in their discovery phase of learning about products or services, 69% use reviews for evaluation and comparison, and 43% rely on reviews to help them make their ultimate purchasing decision.

Customer Reviews

Depending on your marketing strategy, customers may land on your pages during any of these three phases, so including reviews on your landing pages is vital to driving conversions from the moment a potential customer begins looking for what you offer.

Keep in mind that using review content on landing pages or in other marketing collateral will likely require permission from the review site or reviewer.

Reviews Help Increase Your Online Ranking and Customer Visibility

From an SEO standpoint, adding reviews to your website and landing pages can also help improve your online ranking and visibility. That’s because fresh, high-quality content is a search engine ranking factor.

And if you appear in more searches, then you are potentially increasing your opportunities to connect and convert leads more effectively.

Feedback From Customer Reviews Can Make Your Products and Marketing Better

Paying attention to the feedback in your customer reviews can help you improve your products, hone your marketing efforts to increase conversions, and satisfy your customers.

Use the good and bad reviews from your customers to make your products more tailored to their preferences and needs, and infuse the things customers say matter most about your brand into your marketing efforts and landing pages. If you do these things, you’ll likely experience a substantial lift in your conversions.

Consumers crave advice and firsthand experience from other buyers with similar roles and use cases. Incorporating the voice of the customer into your marketing strategy is paramount to driving conversions in today’s market.

Jeni Rogers is a researcher and regular contributor to TrustRadius, where she shares her knowledge of the latest trends in B2B news and software.

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