Utilizing Webinars in Your B2B Demand Generation Strategy

Hand writing Webinar with white marker on transparent wipe board.Webinars have seen a surge in popularity in recent years with all the savviest B2B marketers—why? Because they excel at high quality lead generation. Simple to produce, the ROI on webinars exceeds most common forms of content. Here’s what you stand to gain by utilizing them well:

Establishing authority

This may seem backwards, but it’s a simple fact that if you’re presenting a webinar on a particular subject, people who hear about it will raise their estimation of your brand. There’s an innate assumption that those who teach are qualified to do so; as long as you provide valuable content in your webinars and live up to the expectations of your digital guests, you can turn that assumption into true authority across your industry.

For business lead generation, authority matters immensely. Any decision-maker at a company taking the time to participate in a webinar is going to be savvy enough to find a respectable provider of the product or service they’re seeking. Establish authority with webinars and make sure you’re that respectable provider.

Produce superior leads

Webinars as a general rule produce superior leads to other content. It’s easy to understand why; someone may be willing to read a blog post or look at an infographic from any stranger at any time, but committing to viewing a webinar means a bit more of an investment. And while it’s bad business to commit due to sunk costs, it’s also human nature; anyone who takes the time and action out of their day to listen to your webinar is going to be much more likely to take further actions with your business in the future.

There’s also something of a trade involved in lead generation via webinar. A webinar, under most circumstances, requires a greater investment from the host than other forms of content. You’re putting in the time and effort to produce and present a webinar, ideally for free—which means you have more value to barter with in exchange for information about your prospects. People will fill in far more detail on a sign-up page that gets them access to a webinar than they would if you were asking them to sign up to access a newsletter.

Even though the transactions all look ‘free’ on the surface, don’t forget the hidden value being exchanged: worthwhile content for high quality leads.

As content for an inbound strategy

We’ve used the word content a lot already, so it’s important to take a step back and address a webinar as pure content—very potent, very effective content for your inbound campaign. There’s a glut of blog-powered content marketing campaigns on the internet today, as inbound and its subset of content marketing become the hottest new tools for online marketing. Being able to produce content which truly stands out in the noise is very important.

IT’s important to realize this isn’t a difficult investment to make, even though it may sound daunting to produce an hour or more of audio, video, ideas, and more. Why? Because you can recycle content both ways across different forms of media. A webinar produced from scratch can be picked apart and used for components to produce blog posts, eBooks, video clips, social media content, podcasts, and more.

Similarly, you can take your favorite and most popular existing content in other formats and spin it into a highly successful webinar—one with a built-in audience of prospects who enjoyed the foundational content. A well-researched and well-received series of blog posts can produce an exceptional webinar with minimal effort, improving your brand authority, the data you have on your prospects, and other aspects of your B2B lead generation efforts.

Broaden outreach

Many prospects out there aren’t waiting for you to talk about the right subject, they’re waiting to hear about it the right way. Blog readers aren’t necessarily video watchers, who aren’t necessarily podcast fans, who aren’t necessarily signing up for webinars. By taking your brand into the realm of the webinar, you open up the opportunity to produce leads you could never in a million years acquire through your existing media content—because those leads aren’t looking at what you’re producing.

Develop business relationships

Webinars carry a certain cachet and prestige which works wonders for fomenting strong business relationships. A partnership to produce a webinar can help all the brands involved develop leads and authority they may otherwise struggle to acquire—a perfect reason to work together and build the sort of network every extreme success story requires.

Parting thoughts

Webinars aren’t a silver bullet, resolving all your B2B lead generation problems in a single move, but they’re an excellent tool to include—one of the most effective in the modern marketing landscape. Learn to use them to your advantage, and your sales team will have more and better leads than ever before.


About Paul Mosenson

NuSpark Marketing Founder, Chief Lead Generation Strategist and Online Media Director An experienced B2B and B2C marketer, Paul has been helping clients generate leads and grow their businesses for over 25 years. Paul helps plan and optimize marketing and lead generation programs.