Is Co-Registration a Lead Generation Tactic to Consider?

As marketers and demand generators, we are always researching and looking for new and efficient ways to drive leads into the funnel, in order to follow-up with more content as nurture, or tele-services.  I recently re-discovered the concept of co-registration as another means of capturing email addresses of interested prospects. Learn more about this effective but underrated lead generation tactic.

What is Co-registration Lead Generation? (or, Co-Reg)

If you ever signed up for a newsletter from a publisher, and you check a box that gives the publisher permission to send you related offers from advertisers, that’s where co-registration begins.  Many online publishers generate increased revenue for themselves by offering these advertised deals and offers to web users

Generally, prospects can opt in to a publisher’s mailing list for information, eBook or newsletter on a specific topic. They provide their email address to receive this information. The email address is then considered a lead or inquiry because you can then communicate with the prospect to further promote your product or service. Simply, co-registration lead generation works when the prospect is opting in for one newsletter, and then another newsletter that is relevant is offered at the same time. If the subscriber opts in for the second newsletter as well, a lead is generated for both businesses. Below is a visual example.


Leads are typically negotiated on a cost-per-lead basis. As a performance-based tactic, the pricing model makes these kinds of leads efficiently priced. Opt-in lists generated via co-registration can be an ideal way to generate qualified audiences as you are reaching warm leads interested in your product or service, and you capture email addresses and other contact info. The conversion rates of opt-in lists are extremely high.


A couple of concerns, but you would have to test yourself and determine if these leads are indeed quality. A marketer can buy a large volume of low quality leads that seem to be inexpensive.  However, these inexpensive leads can end up costly if they are non-responsive.  The nature of the publishers’ audience, and your message, are factors in determining relevancy. My firm, NuSpark Marketing, works to optimize relationships with networks to deliver the highest quality leads to clients.

As you can see below, there are a wide variety of co-registration landing pages, and a myriad of offers. E-newsletters seem to work the best, but certainly test sign-ups and other promotional offers, as AT&T does below, with A/B testing via email co-registration programs.



We work with two of the largest co-registration management firms:

Tiburon Media Group,


Opt-In Intelligence,

These networks consist of hundreds of high traffic sites, and can literally generate hundreds of thousands of co-registration leads per day, depending on your budget. Additionally, these networks provide multiple CRM and email platform integrations to deliver leads, as below.

co-reg integrations

Although a majority of co-registration programs are B2C, there are B2B networks as well.  Has co-registration worked for you?

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* Images courtesy of Tiburon Media Group and Opt-In  Intelligence







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