10 Email Subject Line Tips to Drive Opens and Leads

When you check your email account, your inbox will be full of emails with distinct subject lines. Creating a subject line that stands out is an effective measure to ensure that your email will be opened and read. Email marketing campaigns only go as far as open rates, so follow these tips for developing strong subject lines.


1. Precision is Crucial. With the advent of mobile phones, many people immediately delete emails they perceive as spam without even looking at it. The subject must be clear-cut or the email will be a waste.


2. Be Succinct. The general rule is to limit your subject line to less than 40 characters, that way the subject line is not cut-off on mobile devices. Once again, clarity is key.


3. Avoid CAPS and Other Symbols. Capitalizing buzzwords and adding symbols like dollar signs ($$$) portrays your emails as spam rather than legitimate offerings.


4. Constantly Test Subject Lines. This cannot be stressed enough, you must constantly test your results. This is the only way you can learn what worked, what didn’t work, and what you would have done differently with your subject lines. This a trial and error procedure that takes patience and the willingness to learn and adapt.


5. Utilize Personalization When Necessary. If you are sending an email geared towards a specific location or demographic, include that in the subject line. This adds a sense of community and pertinence to the party involved.


6. Stress Relevancy. If the byline is not relevant, people will quickly delete the message. The subject line needs to sell something people generally care about.


7. Outline the Benefits. Stating immediate benefits like “Learn How…” or “Teach yourself…” outwardly suggests there are perks to opening and reading the email.


8. Don’t Get Muddled in Words. Your subject line should contain one offer and one call to action. This goes back to precision; you want people to know exactly what they are in for when they open the email. Stating the topic followed by the action is more than enough in subject lines.


9. Follow Competitors. Just like any other business, you should always keep tabs on your competitors. Analyzing their work firsthand is a great way of testing, as you learn what does and doesn’t work. Remember, your competitors are following you as well.


10. Be Exciting. Subject lines are simply a means to get people to open the email, that is you are not making sales off the subject line. If the subject is enticing, more people will open it and read about your product.


With these tips, you are ready to create effective and concise subject lines. Remember, your emails are useless without a high open rate. Make the subject, informative, exciting, descriptive, and concise and your open rate will vastly improve.

About Paul Mosenson

NuSpark Marketing Founder, Chief Lead Generation Strategist and Online Media Director An experienced B2B and B2C marketer, Paul has been helping clients generate leads and grow their businesses for over 25 years. Paul helps plan and optimize marketing and lead generation programs.