Video: How to Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Feature to Find Prospects


LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform to help marketers and salespeople alike find and engage with prospects.  There are many books, blogs, and guides that discuss how to use LinkedIn.  For high performance sellers, they use LinkedIn more for introductions, get more referrals from customers, use LinkedIn to identify contacts, and create targeted contact lists.


The benefits for using LinkedIn for prospecting are many:

  • Using search tools for identifying those prospects
  • Receiving introductions from connections
  • Discovering information about prospects that help make connecting more effective
  • Obtain intelligence from target company business profiles
  • Sharing content with prospects within specific shared groups
  • Saving searches of target prospects and using LinkedIn as a CRM

For the purpose of this video post, I hone in on using Advanced search to find prospects, and briefly show how to engage with an important 2nd connection using tools and best practices. Take a look- only 12 minutes.




I hope to do more videos on LinkedIn and social media lead generation in the future, so I hope this first one was helpful in using the Advanced search feature.  If you’re not complementing your inbound marketing and telesales activities with social media prospecting, you’re missing out on build relationships with key prospects, and that will most certainly affect your quota and close rates. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and we can review more of the tactics.  How do you use LinkedIn for prospecting for leads?












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