MindMatrix: A Unique Marketing Automation Platform for SMB

Learn About MindMatrix Marketing Automation; An Interview with Andrew Carlton, Director of Channel Sales at MindMatrix


There are many marketing automation systems out there that can help firms manage and nurture leads into sales.  MindMatrix is one the platforms I recommend to SMBs. It has unique features, especially with collateral messaging, that you should pay attention to.  I recently caught up with Andy Carlton, Director, Channel Sales and Business Development at MindMatrix. Andy Carlton is a leading expert in digital, Saas, and marketing technologies for over the past 20 years. He is in charge of building a vast channel network and creating a comprehensive partner ecosystem in the marketing automation space.

Paul: Tell me about MindMatrix and what makes you so unique in the marketplace.

Sure, Paul.  MindMatrix was developed with the needs of both marketing and sales in mind.  At the end of the day, it is marketing’s job to produce the kind of qualified leads that sales people can properly be expected to close.  Sales wants leads but more importantly, they want good leads and MindMatrix is set up to deliver them.

In addition to tools to ensure marketing sends only qualified leads to sales, we   have established some unique tools for salespeople to be able to communicate with each prospect during the sales process.  A sales rep can get access to marketing approved collateral and messaging to be able to have meaningful 1-1 dialogues and deeper engagement during the sales process. One example:  being able to produce, on the fly, a customized and personalized sales proposal.  Once a proposal is completed, a sales rep can send by email, and then track whether or not the prospect opened the email and/or clicked on the proposal.  In fact, our system will track the complete digital footprint.  Consequently, the sales rep is armed with valuable information allowing her to effectively measure engagement throughout the sales process and adjust the sales approach at each step.  And, marketing is happy because it maintains brand consistency in every piece of collateral.

The uniqueness of our product is combining marketing and sales activities all on one unified platform.  We believe this achieves tighter alignment.

Paul: How does this translate to the SMB market?  Is this out of reach for them?

The small to medium sized business has much of the same needs that larger ones have and now with the emergence of cloud based software, it has become even more affordable and accessible.  They may not need all of the functionality of a robust marketing to sales automation platform but there are some basic elements that can make any SMB successful.

Some of these features include:  the ability to do simple email campaigns with drag and drop content, creating a social media page and automating content placement on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, automating blog content, tracking inbound (known and anonymous) site traffic, and measuring the effectiveness of your content.  A lot of the tools I’m talking about are very simple to utilize.

I always stress that in any organization, content development should be an ongoing strategy.  At MindMatrix, we can leverage our partner network to assist in content creation, among other things.  In some cases, SMB’s just don’t want to hire internally for the skill sets that are necessary to be successful.  That’s where an outside marketing partner can make all the difference.

Paul: When you talk about marketing and sales alignment, what do you mean?

Let’s first consider the status quo.  Most vendors talk about marketing and sales alignment in terms of triggering a sales qualified lead to a CRM system.  Clearly, that’s important.  But that isn’t “alignment.”  Alignment is the effective coordination of the missions of marketing and sales. Consider these numbers.  Even with the prevalence of marketing automation, marketing departments are still sending  50% of all leads generated over the fence to sales.  It’s an extremely optimistic notion that a majority of those leads will end in a closed deal—at least within any realistic time period!  Statistics tell that up to 75% of all leads are not ready to buy.  So, marketing has a lot of work to do on the nurturing side.  In the meantime, too much time is being squandered unrealistic leads. 

On top of time spent on unlikely leads, sales faces an additional problem.     Salespeople proceed to spend up to 40% of their time preparing buyer-specific sales materials.  Consider this:  a sales rep with $1,000,000 in annual sales can theoretically increase their revenue by $170,833 just by recapturing the 17% of “lost” time.  So, sales people need to be armed with the right content, messaging, and assets to help them sell.  Spending too much time on repurposing –or even asking marketing to produce what they need–is a waste of precious selling time.  Companies need to get their sales people selling at maximum efficiency.

Paul: What challenges do you see continuing between sales and marketing teams?

Marketing automation is no magic bullet.  It cannot solve the divide between the two unless it is used properly.  Sales and marketing teams will need to destroy old walls and come closer together.  Revenue is the goal, even though marketing has traditionally not been involved in revenue accountability.  I believe that is changing, and we have designed metrics to make accountability possible.

Paul: Lastly, what new things can we expect to see coming down the pike from MindMatrix?

We are excited about the explosive growth and innovation at MindMatrix. Some of the new features we’ll be releasing will center around channel sales enablement, better reporting capabilities and dynamic content delivery. 

Our goal is to empower both marketing and sales teams to drive revenue. 



I am a reseller of MindMatrix, and together with the content strategy we put together that drives leads and sales via the lead nurturing process, it makes for a nice partnership.  If you’d like to learn more about marketing automation, drop me a line. 














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