The Growth of Video and Mobile Marketing; Key Stats and Trends

As we examine the direction that marketing is heading in 2013 and beyond, we have to look at where the influx of technology is taking consumers. With the growth of mobile technology exploding, the majority of consumers have an Internet-capable video player in their pocket.

Companies need to understand this paradigm shift and adapt. While a web presence is essential as a home base on the Internet, much like office space in the physical world, providing the market with instantaneous information via mobile technology is now the best way to directly access your customers.

Video is the most effective tool to achieve this. Videos can be posted for free and linked via social media and email marketing. Video website accounts can be customized to match a company’s branding and function as a social media platform themselves, encouraging discussion through comments.

The videos need to be short, creative, and impactful, keeping costs low and capturing the audience’s attention. They should involve a mix of motion graphics and footage, incorporate music, and (depending on the company and style of the video) actors/voice talent.

Small businesses can accomplish this without over-committing their marketing budget to a massive commercial shoot. Partnering with media agencies that provide video and motion graphics services ensures creative production and high quality output, without a huge investment.

There are staggering statistics to support these trends. According to Cisco, 85% of all video traffic in 2015 will be video, and all mobile networks will eventually be equipped to handle video calls. The use of email declined last year for every demographic in the US with the exception of 55+ users. We’re seeing an increase in video events and a more collaborative workforce, as well as more and more companies engaging their constituency via video.

US online ad spending, a $40 billion dollar market in 2012, is primarily made up of three formats: search, banner ads and video advertising. Search will always carve out the majority of this spending, but according to eMarketer, online video ad spending will nearly double its share of the market in the next four years.

Obviously these trends are betting heavily on the continued growth of social media and mobile technology. Based on the last few years, its difficult to envision any drop off in these market segments. In 2008, no one had even heard of the App Store. By 2012, there were 585,000 available apps and more than 25 billion apps had been downloaded by iPhone users. That’s more than 18 million app downloads per day.

By piggybacking on the explosion of mobile technology and social media, companies can utilize media agencies to produce low cost, high quality videos that are exposed to an enormous demographic.

Understanding and adapting to the new direction that technology is driving consumers is the most important step that companies can take to continue to engage their constituency.


Mike Burke is Director of Operations for Red C Media, a full-service graphic design and video marketing agency, and alliance of NuSpark Marketing

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