A Personal Plea for Building Relationships

I thought I’d take a fresh approach to my blog this week, and discuss what I’m really about: building relationships by caring about results.

Three things happened this week that lead me to write about this topic:

1.  I started researching a topic and came across what I usually find: myriads of articles and blog posts on “how-to,” “Top 7 reasons,” “14 ways to,” “The ultimate guide,” “the essential guide.”  They all started to look alike.  We all do it, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. We are reassuring our audiences that we know stuff.  I do the same thing.  Of course, anybody can find this stuff; just Google the topic, then select, click, read, print, summarize, file.  Sometimes we forget that we are not only “thought leaders” who promote our own “best practices,” but we are people. We target our writing to people, people who are just like us. We have our own personal lives, our hobbies, our financial plans, and our own stresses. As marketers, my own goal is to persuade someone with a business problem at work to consider Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Marketing as a company who cannot only contribute to that solution, but also make that end user feel rewarded by his or her superiors, because they have made their own contribution to the overall growth of their company. By building a relationship with the client and taking a personal approach to their needs, I myself feel rewarded because I am contributing to the client’s success—and that is what counts in my mind.

2.  My former company, which I left to start my own consultancy, recently purchased another former company of mine. Imagine that—my last two corporate companies are now as one. I wish them well, but it does bring out some feelings that I need to convey.

* The creative component of marketing and advertising is overemphasized. During my younger days at these ad agencies, it seemed like business was won and lost because of creative. Look at “Mad Men” for example. The media department was secondary, and that’s how old school agencies used to be. Granted, compelling creative IS crucial, but so is research, promotion, strategy, measurement, ROI analysis, and of course, media.  The best creative won’t work without the best marketing strategy and media plan.  All elements of a marketing plan need to be balanced. If you focus your agency decisions on creative, you’re likely doing your company a disservice. At NuSpark Marketing, we do emphasize that balance. We understand the importance of research; of digging deep to uncover why your audiences buy.  A large part of our strategic, balanced approach is our focus on service, relationship building, and a deep concern and care for your results.

* My personal approach to building relationships is a special skill that not everyone has.  I am not a type-A personality.  I may not be a head turner with charisma when I do speeches in front of a large room, but I am real. No facades here. It’s my personal values of being genuine, and taking a personal, caring approach to building my client’s business’ that in the past has gotten me in trouble in the corporate world, because of the walls, silos, and lack of teamwork. These things have disillusioned me in the past. In the corporate world, I contributed greatly to winning clients by developing outstanding marketing plans (and still do today), and I  contributed to client retention due to my skill at relationship building.  I am quite proud of my past performance and achievements, and of my present and future as well, because of my personal approach, my passion, and my client-first attitude.

3.  I’ve been thinking and reading about sales and persuasion. CEOs, COOs, Vice-Presidents, and Directors are “crazy busy” people who do not have much time to pay attention to the many pitches they get.  I’m in the same boat now  with running my own business, although I do open up much of my email.  As a former Media Director, salespeople constantly tried to persuade me, so now I am on the other side.  What I’ve learned is:

* I’m like my target audiences.  If I do pick up a call or read an unsolicited email, I am already on the defensive and wonder why I even attempted the engagement. Those salespeople believe in their product, and all they want to do is help. That’s their job. Think about this— if your company is overachieving on all of its revenue goals, and is the clear number one in market share, then you don’t have to answer.  If one of your company’s goals is to grow in 2011, then you never know, maybe that salesperson does have that “magic answer.”  Lesson: listen or read with an open mind before deleting.

* Whether you speak to a prospect or send an email, I have just a few seconds to listen or scan. Cut to the chase. Have a clear goal in mind.  I do test my own approaches.  No matter how my communication stands out, it focuses on a specific thing I do that has been proven to build revenue and growth, tied in to relationship and partnership building.

I am Paul Mosenson.  I am a 25-year marketing and advertising professional. I am a widowed father of one teenage girl. I am a music collector (hit records back to the 30s).  I am an avid Philadelphia sports fan.  I am tech-savvy.  I love to learn and educate myself. I love to educate others.  I am a little overweight.  I tell bad jokes and puns.  I’m not the most organized person.  I say “you know” too much when I speak.  We are who we are. We all have positive attributes and we all have flaws.  I don’t hide them.  I am genuine.  I know traditional media, and I know eMarketing.  I know how to generate leads, convert them, and nurture them into sales. What I don’t know I learn, or I rely on my team of outstanding professionals to get the job done.  Yes, everyone you speak to is “an expert” in their craft, and like us, they should be.  The point of this blog post is to communicate my emphasis and business mantra: growth through caring, passion, relationships, and the sharing of your success. This is why I am in business.

About Paul Mosenson

NuSpark Marketing Founder, Chief Lead Generation Strategist and Online Media Director An experienced B2B and B2C marketer, Paul has been helping clients generate leads and grow their businesses for over 25 years. Paul helps plan and optimize marketing and lead generation programs.