B2B Marketers Unsure of Twitter Effectiveness

BtoB Magazine, a national trade journal, recently conducted a survey of 400 B2B Marketers, and found that half of them were dissatisfied with the return on tweets. That’s despite the fact that 70% of them spend less than 30 minutes a day managing their tweet stream.

To its enthusiasts, however, Twitter is a powerful channel. The survey revealed a striking contrast between occasional and heavy Twitter marketers. The 20% of respondents who attribute tangible revenue to Twitter are one-third more satisfied with their return than those who are still awaiting sales.

In addition, the survey suggested that marketers who generate revenue via Twitter are more active and commit more of their time to using Twitter, both to promote their own content and the work of those they want to influence. Indeed, some say Twitter is now more effective at driving traffic than search engine marketing.
Twitter is like any social media strategy; the more time you put into it, and the more you learn how to use it to engage, the better your results will be.   Three common ways to use Twitter for business are:

a.  Follow thought leaders in your field to gain knowledge

b.  Follow categories of business you wish to learn more if those categories relate to your client’s business

c.  Engage with your followers, your colleagues, and your contacts by providing information, useful information.

Here’s a link to the full article.


What do you think?

a.  Are you generating quality business because of your time on Twitter?

b.  How are you measuring success?

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