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Social Media for Marketing

Key Issues


  • Not convinced the time we put into social media can generate leads
  • No time to manage a blog and post frequently
  • We don’t have a sound social media strategy; we just test tactics
  • We don’t have a social media champion that can help us understand how to execute content and engage with prospects


Optimizing social media for lead generation; sales or marketing?

When we assess your social media efforts and optimize it for lead generation, one of the first things we’ll ascertain is “who’s responsible?”  Ideally, it’s whoever is right for your firm.  It’s that person who understands the channels, the listening aspect, the monitoring aspect, and the engagement aspect.  Marketing people and sales people both have stakes in using the channel, and both departments have pros and cons.

  • Marketing: Understands messaging, promotion, and measurement tools, but is not as skilled in solving customer problems and build relationships one to one with prospects.
  • Sales: Prefers using social media to build relationships with prospects (Rather than phones!) but because of their nature, may give up social media if they don’t see immediate results.


For this section, we are focusing on social media for marketing.  We’ll discuss social media for sales later in the journey.  Certainly you can read books, blogs, websites, and view webinars on how to do social media.  In actuality, there really is no one way.  However, if there is no back and forth dialog occurring on your channels, then social media marketing won’t work for lead generation.


Social media is here to stay. Any business that doesn’t see the value will be left behind and let their competitors engage with prospects.  It’s all about interaction.

What we’ll look for by assessing your social media efforts are the following:

  • What are your goals and objectives? Are those goals measurable, achievable, and relevant?
  • What channels do your prospects use?  Are they active? Have you done the research?
  • Do you have a content strategy?  Content is everything with social media; typically a mix of yours and others. Your secret sauce must be magnetic enough to attract loyal followers and connections.


Our social media services will help you build your influence, attract prospects, and generate leads by looking at the following and optimizing:

  • Blogs.  Blogs are great fodder for SEO and establishes you as a thought leader.  Hint: Blogs can include links to content that becomes a lead capture tactic.
  • Channel profiles.  They should all support the same branding and theme.
  • Prospect and influencer searches. We’ll help find them, engage with them, and coach you to build relationships.
  • Metrics.  We’ll review the tools you need, and recommend which ones are best to measure and track your results.  Increased site traffic, lead capture, and sales growth are ultimate metrics to track, but the specific tools to measure engagement and brand sentiment are important as well.
  • Advertising.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube each have unique advertising options.  We will recommend these opportunities as lead generation opportunities.  Like pay-per-click and display, ads on social media should also attract audiences to landing pages for content downloads, free trials, or webinars.  With Google Analytics, we’ll be able to measure lead performance from all social media channels, and compare engagement leads with advertising leads.


We’ll assign you two coordinators, because each coach covers a unique element of social media marketing:

  • A Content Coordinator: This person will be responsible for gathering and coordinating your social media content.  This includes tasks such as creating a blog editorial calendar, optimizing the content on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+  profiles to attract prospects, and ongoing coaching on message approach.
  • An Engagement Coordinator: This person will be responsible for helping you distribute that content via your channels, managing the listening, the dialog, and the engagement.  If you’re just broadcasting messages, social media won’t work.  We’ll help you communicate properly and use the tools to their best advantage.

Key Content Statement

Social media marketing is about content; what you say, what you share, and what content is shared.  Good content attracts followers, and followers can become leads.  How?  Promote your white paper.  Users click and download.  Lead captured.  Why?  Quality content.


Summary of Approach

Social media starts with a strategic plan for content, engagement, and measurement, and we’ll put together a plan that attracts prospects and builds your firm’s presence throughout appropriate channels.



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