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Inquiries Increases by 1400%! 

Organic Traffic Up by 150%

  Inquiries Increases by 1400%!  Organic Traffic Up by 150%  

Rapid Learning Institute


Increased conversions 135%

Cost per conversion decreased 72%
  Increased conversions 135% Cost per conversion decreased 72%

Leica Geosystems


Generates 40 new leads per month from content marketing
  Generates 40 new leads per month from content marketing

Perry Videx



Online conversions increased by 300% after one year!
    Online conversions increased by 300% after one year!


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Digital Advertising


Key Issues


  • Not convinced on the effectiveness of banner campaigns
  • Haven’t found efficient or effective places to advertise online
  • Need proof that online display can generate quality leads
  • National display campaigns are complicated to purchase and measure


For those concerned about the lead-generation effectiveness of display or banner advertising in your media mix, then in most cases you’d better think twice.

An online display advertising strategy can work given the proper media plan, placement strategy, message strategy and call-to-action.  Recently a search and display study was performed by Yahoo! and comScore and showed that advertisers who combined search and display achieved an increase of conversions by 22%. Other studies exist as well that show the effect of display advertising in search lift and website traffic.  In essence, online display assists other digital marketing efforts, and with that in mind, measuring direct correlations between display and sales is meaningless.

Generally, display banner campaigns provide the following benefits:

  • Brand recognition, which can lead to online search as noted above
  • Creating demand for a product/service that most prospects are unaware of, and thus won’t be using search engines to look for your solution
  • Repeated exposure increases message-recall, and increases click likelihood
  • Retargeting opportunity. Google and most ad networks can target audiences with unique messages who’ve been to your website or landing page, but did not perform a desired action

If digital display advertising is deemed a strategy we recommend for your lead generating efforts, we’ll look at the following variables:

  • Site strategy: A consideration of specific sites to advertise with, ad networks, or ad exchanges.
  • Forms of ads: Static banners, expandable banners, rich media, video
  • Pricing models: CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), CPC (Cost per click), CPL (Cost per lead) and CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  • Targeting opportunities:  demographics, geography, behavioral, and retargeting

Then, we optimize the message for lead generation. 


All messages need to offer something free in exchange for an email address and other relevant information on a web form.  That means a white paper, a webinar, a technical article, or a demo.  Below are examples of banner ads that provide valuable content or demos as a call-to-action. Leads are captured when prospects register or download.







Using analytics and conversion tracking, we’ll measure all elements of your digital campaign and will optimize it for efficiency.


Key Content Statement

Good content will attract audiences to click; and good content will encourage clicks to become leads.


Summary of Approach

Digital advertising can be an integral part of a lead generation program provided the message engages audiences and content is relevant to those audiences.


Next Stop: Pay-Per-Click Advertising