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Inquiries Increases by 1400%! 

Organic Traffic Up by 150%

  Inquiries Increases by 1400%!  Organic Traffic Up by 150%  

Rapid Learning Institute


Increased conversions 135%

Cost per conversion decreased 72%
  Increased conversions 135% Cost per conversion decreased 72%

Leica Geosystems


Generates 40 new leads per month from content marketing
  Generates 40 new leads per month from content marketing

Perry Videx



Online conversions increased by 300% after one year!
    Online conversions increased by 300% after one year!


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Marketing Automation

Key Issues


  • We don’t have the resources, content, or the time to implement Marketing Automation
  • We have Marketing Automation, but do not utilize the platform properly
  • Concepts like Lead scoring and lead flows are complicated and hard to implement
  • Top management needs additional education on the platform benefits

Marketing automation is a tool that guides prospects through their purchase cycle via quality, compelling content until they become sales-ready leads.

In theory, lead nurturing sounds like a no-brainer, but to make the task simpler, we recommend Marketing Automation systems.  Marketing Automation is a key component of our lead management process that we offer companies.

A fairly new technology, these systems are not just being utilized by fortune 1000 companies, but can be used effectively by smaller and mid-size companies as well. There is a pre-conceived notion that marketing automation is overly expensive, but that is not the case.  There are many systems that are quite moderate in pricing, yet still perform well.

Marketing Automation provides the solution to many companies’ objectives:

  • Improves the quality of leads that are passed on to sales
  • Optimizes conversion or profitability from various sources of leads
  • Measures marketing performance more effectively

The main benefit for replacing manual lead generating processes with marketing automation is that it allows companies to reach out to potential customers in a timely, more efficient, manner.


Marketing Automation manages a number of marketing activities:

  • Development of landing pages and web forms for responses
  • Lead capture with smart forms that recognize visitors
  • Automated sales tasks and follow-up tracking
  • Trigger email campaigns or drip email campaign management
  • Lead scoring for lead qualification
  • Lead routing; assignment of leads to sales people
  • Content management
  • Lead database management
  • Analytics and measurement; track campaign performance and ROI

Here’s a simple look at how marketing automation works:

  • Capture leads via a landing page. Most Marketing Automation solutions include landing page modules so that we can use tools to create pages or upload HTML.  We can also use form builders for the landing pages.
  • If using an existing list, segment list carefully- utilize most important fields as a start. Upload to platform.
  • Based on the information gathered on web forms AND prospect website behavior (downloads, pages viewed), leads are automatically scored.
  • Marketing Automation systems supply a javascript code that, when embedded onto websites or landing pages, allow you to track what companies or people visit your site or engage in content.  Lead scoring allows only the most engaged leads to be sent to sales for follow-up.
  • Lead nurturing flows are then developed, allowing specific content and emails sent to leads based on their lead score and their engagement behavior.  This gets fairly intricate which is why we offer our services to manage the lead flows.
  • Integrate with existing CRM.  Marketing and Sales share the CRM so that important metrics can be analyzed and campaign performance can be tracked.


Click To learn more about our Marketing Automation Management Services.


For a more detailed presentation, download our ebook on Marketing Automation and lead nurturing, and get a good overview on how it works, and why it makes sense for your business.


Otherwise, here’s a visual diagram on marketing automation process.

Marketing Automation



Key Content Statement

A proper, well- thought out content strategy, which entails matching relevant content to your target personas, is the fuel that drives revenue via lead nurturing.  Your assigned content strategist will map out the nurturing plan, and work with either someone at your firm or myself for deployment via Marketing Automation.


Summary of Approach

We will evaluate your needs and budget and choose the platform that is right for you. Marketing Automation is an essential platform to manage your campaign, lead scoring, and lead nurturing efforts.

We’re resellers of Marketing Automation.  Many consultants represent 1 or 2.  We prefer to remain platform neutral and choose the platform that’s right for you.

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Some of the popular tools:

The 20 Most Popular Marketing Automation Software Solutions

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