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Lead Generation Process

Why You Need an Inbound Marketing-Lead Generation Process

Lead generation is the most important objective of any business-to-business marketing department. Providing a sales team with a steady stream of qualified leads is the priority.

Marketers must deliver a lead to the sales team only when the lead is truly qualified. Consistent delivery of qualified leads that become conversions and meet sales quotas is what separates a leading B2B firm versus the rest.


Sales Executives

Have concern over chasing poor leads and ineffective cold calling? The sales process continues to evolve; meaning old-school prospecting doesn’t work as well anymore. Consider:

  • Prospecting is tough and it’s hard to engage with crazy busy executives
  • Long sales cycles make it hard for sales to have a consistent follow-up process
  • Buyers are looking to the Internet for research rather than calling sales; the sales role has changed; sales needs new skills
  • Many of the leads you receive from marketing are not sales-qualified
  • Cold Calling is not as effective


Marketing Executives

I’m sure you have heard of inbound marketing. In essence, that’s what we at NuSpark Marketing specialize in. Inbound marketing provides the highest return of investment compared to other mediums. You may test different tactics, but the ideal strategy is to utilize all of them in an integrated manner, with quality content tying it all together. Are these issues happening to you? If so, we can help you optimize your efforts.

  • Ineffective pay-per-click marketing
  • Unconvinced SEO efforts are working
  • Poor conversion rates on landing pages and websites
  • Unsure if your firm is utilizing social media approaches correctly
  • Aware of lead nurturing and marketing automation, but don’t have a solid process to implement it


You still have the key role, and we’re happy to assist in your digital marketing optimization.

We work with firms of all sizes and stages of their business growth to assess their marketing-sales process, and put together strategic lead generation plans that are results-oriented, and primed for success. It all starts with your message and content; it must clear, aligned, and focused on solving business problems. Our approach optimizes the entire lead generation funnel:

  • Before they click
  • After they click
  • After they convert


Let’s begin the planning process, starting with uncovering the business challenges of your firm.