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Client Results!



Inquiries Increases by 1400%! 

Organic Traffic Up by 150%

  Inquiries Increases by 1400%!  Organic Traffic Up by 150%  

Rapid Learning Institute


Increased conversions 135%

Cost per conversion decreased 72%
  Increased conversions 135% Cost per conversion decreased 72%

Leica Geosystems


Generates 40 new leads per month from content marketing
  Generates 40 new leads per month from content marketing

Perry Videx



Online conversions increased by 300% after one year!
    Online conversions increased by 300% after one year!


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Lead Generating Content

Key Issues


  • Need help implementing  a comprehensive content strategy that will generate leads
  • Unsure if our current content works or if we need to develop new content
  • We haven’t done content mapping or understand how to develop a calendar
  • Measuring content and determining content marketing ROI is an issue


Remember, prospects are looking for information on their solutions left and right, and if your content isn’t relevant, your firm won’t be considered for a future purchase.

In this section on getting more leads, we’ve discussed websites, landing pages, conversions, and analytics.  Now it’s time to plan the content itself. According to a recent DemandGen report, two-thirds of b2b buyers consider firms to purchase from if they provide consistent and relevant communications.  Where do we start?

Your assigned NuSpark Marketing content strategist will plan your entire content game plan as a true partner. 

Depending on your firm, we can act as a consultant, or a full-fledged implementer.  Best case is to have an internal content marketing champion to act as a liaison.  After finalizing roles, we’ll get right to it and include these services:

  • An internal audit.  We’ll review your blog posts, articles, brochures, papers, reports, newsletters, and more. From this research, we’ll review your target audiences and personas, and determine if your existing content:
  1. Answers the needs of your prospects
  2. Is interesting and engaging
  3. Shows how unique your solutions are
  4. Presents itself in a desirable format
  5. Is missing any important information or benefits
  6. Provides a compelling call-to-action that focuses on benefit
  • Mapping. We’ll take your existing content and match it up to your buyer types, and uncover gaps in content that need to be created.  We showed a basic map earlier, but in reality, the content map we create will be much more detailed.   A content map includes fields for the following
  1. A list of all of your buyer personas with their individual needs and concerns
  2. A list of each of the persona’s buying stage of their buying process.
  3. A list of content topics for each buying stage and buyer persona.
  4. A format for each content topic
  5. A delivery schedule or editorial calendar, with deadlines, roles, and accompanying marketing tactics.  Much of this calendar is utilized during lead nurturing, which we will go over later in the journey.
  • Idea creation.  From blogs to more detailed content execution, we’ll be with you every step of the way to put together strategies for new content.  Whether we speak to customers, follow the industry news, or take a deep dive into samples of your solutions, rest assured content we create will contribute to the business problems you solve, and also be SEO friendly (keyword searchable by Google).

Content for initial lead generation is typically early stage content messaging; content that identifies needs via educational approaches. 

Your prospect may be experiencing a problem or an obstacle, so your lead-generating content should discuss business issues with articles or webinars that can address pain points.  Your initial content can reassure a prospect that his/her problems can be reduced or eliminated due to your solution.

Finally, we measure content. 

There are a number of ways to measure the success of your content marketing strategy.  We like to take a top-down approach to measurement:

  • Business MeasuresWe’ll show how the cost of content development balanced with the increased leads secured from better SEO, conversion tactics, and lead nurturing produce a more efficient cost-per-lead, increased revenue per sale, and overall sales growth
  • Analytics Measures: Depending on how each piece of content is deployed, we’ll look at downloads, subscriptions, time spent with content, channel conversion rate, bounce rates and effect on overall website traffic.
  • Engagement Measures: Content is sharable, so we’ll also gauge engagement elements such as retweets, likes, shares, and +1s (Google), and track the relationship between content sharing, website traffic, and lead growth.  In addition, we’ll track how your content affects the level of new followers and connections achieved over time.

By analyzing the above, we gather the following outcomes:

  • What types and topics are most effective at driving visits and conversions.
  • Which media and social media channels that promotes the content provides the most effective outcomes on site traffic.
  • What the correlation is between content engagement scores and lead generation.


Key Content Statement

Preparing consistent content can be quite a burden; that’s why we’re here- to audit, plan, create, and measure your content efforts while your leads and sales grow over time.


Summary of Approach

By now, it is understood that quality leads are generated with a sound content marketing strategy. It’s not the medium; it’s the message. By utilizing our content strategists, your marketing ROI will increase, as will your sales.



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