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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring and Listening; Managing Reputation, Gaining Intelligence

Social media monitoring is the process of listening and analyzing  social media conversations with the purpose of learning, engaging, collaborating from customers, prospects, and others. Also called reputation management or sentiment analysis,  monitoring is performed typically on a keywords basis. Relevant keywords include your brand name, product name, or industry buzzwords. Based on your keywords, a monitoring tool goes out to the social networks you specify, grabs the relevant articles, posts, and messages, and organizes them so that your firm can decide to act on the results.

Social Media Monitoring will help you:

Understand the perception of your brand. Gain some real insight on how others see your company and how passionate they are or not about your service or product. 

Build business relationships. Identify similarly-minded business owners or executives who may want to combine resources for a joint project. 

Find new business. By monitoring conversations, there may be opportunity for your business to reach out to prospects who express concern with their current business challenges, or are researching products/services.

Scout your competition. Companies may divulge information on their social media channels that provide insights into their priorities or business objectives. By monitoring the social media space, you can find out as much about your competitors’ weakness as you can about their strength

Gain a competitive advantage.  Online audiences are enthusiastic; and will praise or criticize everything. This kind of constant appraisal and feedback can be valuable to business owners trying to assess the strengths and weakness of their own company or industry. Conversations could give business owners hints on what services are needed to fill voids thus providing a competitive advantage.

Manage online reputation. A listening program allows businesses to manage their online reputation in real time. Social media acts as a sounding board for consumer opinion, both good and bad. It is important that businesses react quickly to any opinion that distorts your brand or service before that opinion spreads. 

With NuSpark Marketing’s Social Media Monitoring services, we will be on top of the online conversation about your brand, who is saying it, and what their influence levels are. This data provides you with the ability to respond and join the conversation, and also lays the foundation for deeper customer insights and smarter marketing decisions.

Depending on your need and budget, we’ll utilize a mix of free and paid tools to gather and report on the data you need, and customize it for you. Reporting is detailed and transparent, showing you the mentions of your brand and keywords across everything from Facebook to Twitter, Google+, news sites, websites, blogs and forums. 

Our social media dashboard video shows many of the monitoring tools we use; you can view it here.  Based on our discovery session, we’ll choose the right tools for you.