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Blogging Services

Business blogging and content marketing work together with SEO for generating traffic to your website.


Like social media, blogs talk directly to your customers and prospects without editorial filters. Blogs also are the fuel for social media effectiveness. Unfortunately blogs take a lot of time to research, write, edit and promote.  NuSpark Marketing can do the heavy lifting for you, and provide the inspiration for great content. Having great content is one of the most important factors for achieving competitive rankings in the search engines. That is why websites with blogs rank well. We always encourage our clients to have blogs and consistently update them with relevant topics to their customers and prospects.

Advantages of Blogging for SEO

  • It educates and informs your audience
  • It adds pages of content visible to the search engines
  • It provides content that your audience can easily share and link to
  • It shows that you are a thought leader in your specific industry
  • It provides content syndication and link bait opportunities

Our blogging services cover the following:

  • Idea generation, interviews, and research 
  • Blog set-up and design
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Ghost writing or content coaching
  • Posting and promoting via social networks

As part of your SEO strategy, we generally make recommendations for blogging as part of the second phase of SEO. Once the foundation has been set with the proper keywords and on-page/off-page elements , we will work with you to create blog titles focusing on specific topics and keyword groups, and provide a strategy for syndication and distribution.

We promise our posts to be delivered on time.  All posts will be complete, outstanding quality, professional, and search-engine friendly.

An example of our blogging calendar template from our content marketing template ebook