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  • Brand New:  An Executive's Guide to SEO Strategy
  • Optimize Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing; A collection of Tips
  • Convert! Conversion Rate Optimization Guide
  • 38 Content Marketing Templates
  • Lead Generation with Paid Search
  • Content Marketing Strategy Guide
  • Marketing Automation Introduction

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Brand New: A B2B Executive’s Guide to Lead Generation SEO.  

Learn why you need search engine optimization, and how current strategies and tactics can increase website traffic & leads




Our new ebook covers all you need to know on SEO strategy and tactics.  You’ll discover how proper SEO techniques can increase your website visibility with the goal to drive traffic and leads. This is not as much a “how to” book but more of a strategy book.  By learning all the components of SEO, you’ll have a better understanding of how proper search engine optimization can increase leads and conversions.  Among the topics covered:

  • The importance of rank
  • Keyword research principles
  • Technical on-site optimization
  • Content optimization
  • The role of social media
  • Panda & Penguin explanation
  • Link Building & Guest blogging
  • Measuring SEO; Analytics & ROI


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Optimizing Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing: A Compilation of Tips & Tools!

This is the ultimate guide to generating leads and optimizing inbound marketing tactics.  You get over 100 pages of best practices, tips, and tools that contribute to an optimized internet marketing strategy.  Author and NuSpark Marketing founder Paul Mosenson is a nationally renown digital marketing and media strategist, with over 25 years of optimization success. After downloading and reading the eBook, you’ll have a better understanding on the multi-faceted lead generation process, with tips that will optimize your internet marketing performance; meaning more leads and conversions.

Among the topics covered:

  • Optimization ROI
  • Keyword research
  • Website design
  • Website content
  • Buyer persona development
  • Content strategy
  • Paid search
  • SEO
  • Online display
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion testing
  • Google analytics




Convert! Optimizing Website & Landing Page Conversions for Lead Generation

If your website isn’t generating leads, or your landing pages aren’t generating enough leads, then this useful guide is for you.  Packed full of useful concepts and conversion strategies, both marketing and sales people will benefit from the content.  In fact, much of the content is introduced by a fictitious sales team, to make the reading more interesting and compelling.  After reading, you’ll realize the benefits of how a sound conversion and persuasive website plan can contribute to your firm’s growth.

Among the topics covered:

  • Basic principles of conversion rate optimization
  • How increased conversions affect your lead pipeline
  • Website persuasive architecture
  • Landing page optimization
  • Web forms and Smart Form technology
  • Content that converts
  • Testing landing pages
  • Retargeting strategies; bringing prospects back via online display
  • Lead nurturing
  • Measuring conversions
  • Pipeline conversion and sales process optimization

Conversion Rate ebook




The 38 “Let’s Do It” Content Marketing Templates for Lead Generation Workbook eBook

A unique set of content marketing templates and checklists that you can utilize immediately to begin, enhance, or optimize your current content strategy. Each template includes a brief introduction, and key points are explained, but this is mostly about jumping in and just doing it!  The eBook is an Action Plan; templates to plan, write, promote, and optimize content for lead generation and sales!   What you get:

  • Planning Templates: Situation Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Value Proposition, Buyer Personas, Content Mapping
  • Lead Generation Templates: Keyword Research, Paid Search Ads, SEO, Website Content, Landing Pages
  • Lead Nurturing Templates: Email Marketing, Nurturing Flow Development
  • Content Calendars: Blogging, Social Media, Content Promotion
  • Content Itself: Blogs, White Papers, Webinars, Case Studies, Videos, Press Releases

And More!

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A Strategic Guide to Lead Generation using Pay-Per-Click and Google Adwords.

A first of it’s kind. Download the only eBook dedicated to generating leads and sales opportunities using Google Adwords and paid search marketing. Packed with useful strategies and tactics, the eBook will show you our approaches to increasing conversions, building revenue and increasing ROI utilizing this important channel.  Among the topics covered:

  • Developing a search strategy via the buying funnel
  • Utilizing Salesforce, marketing automation, and dashboards to measure cost-per-opportunities and ROI
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Quality Score Management
  • Writing Effective Ads that Generate Leads
  • Landing Page and Conversion Optimization
  • Measurement and Analytics


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Content Marketing:  Essays by Content Professionals

We’re proud to present our ebook on content marketing.  Rather than a typical “how-to” guide, this ebook showcases the best thoughts and approaches from our team of national content strategists.  By reading the essays, you’ll be energized on how content marketing works, the importance of a proper message to a lead generation strategy, and how to differentiate yourself versus the competition.  We cover:

  • How content drives revenue
  • How to improve content downloads and conversions
  • How to determine a clear value proposition
  • How to create a message map
  • How to make your content trustworthy
  • Content marketing for your brand
  • SEO, Landing Pages, and optimizing content
  • Best practices: email, white papers, case studies

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1. Marketing Automation: The Ultimate Guide- The Process; The Content; The Benefits

This ebook sets the stage of why and how marketing automation will contribute to increasing sales efficiency, generating quality leads, and nurturing leads into sales. The eBook makes a compelling argument on how quality content is key for lead generation and sales. We show how to create a content map and target content to your buyers. Then, with that content, how marketing automation targets prospects until they become sales-ready.


  • The case for marketing automation
  • Key industry stats on the benefits of lead nurturing
  • How to create a lead nurturing email campaign
  • How to score leads
  • How to attract prospects via content
  • How to create buyer personas and match content to their purchase cycles
  • What can be measured
  • How marketing automation syncs with CRMs.

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2. A Practical Guide to Social Media Lead Generation

Where other books tend to discuss theory, best practices, and content to build relationships, our newest e-book focuses on how sales and marketing departments need to work together to utilize social media for lead generation and sales.  Highlights of what you’ll learn:

  • How social media effects search engine rankings; and thus generating additional internet leads
  • How to integrate content and websites/landing pages for lead capture
  • How to use LinkedIn to prospect for leads
  • How to use Twitter to prospect for leads
  • How to combine prospecting with lead-generating content
  • How to utilize CRMs with social media



2.  Digital B2B Marketing, the Right Way.  An introductory primer to eMarketing covering search marketing, SEO, website design, landing pages, social media, content marketing, marketing automation, and analytics.

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3.  Turning Leads Into Sales: Aligning Marketing & Sales This eBook describes how lead nurturing and marketing automation works  to both Sales and Marketings benefit. Less leads are lost and conversion rates increase when both departments are aligned.

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4.  Measuring Media the Right Way: Online and Offline Tracking with Google Analytics and ROI metrics.  This eBook will explain how to track and measure all of your media and social media channels with regard to website engagement, goal conversions, and ROI analysis.

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5. Webinar. Turning Leads Into Sales.

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6. Webinar. Measuring Offline/Online Media with Analytics and ROI Metrics

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