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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) That Drives Conversions



Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the unique mix of art and science with the ultimate goal to showcase your firm on Google’s first page when users query a term that your firm provides as an answer to that query. We do SEO work at NuSpark Marketing; in fact we do it pretty well.  We have consistently achieved 1st page rankings for our clients. However, from a lead generation standpoint, the mechanisms of lead capture are totally different when comparing SEO to paid search marketing.  Here’s the difference:

  • SEO:  Website description with relevant keywords attracts audiences to a website; website content must tell a story to persuade prospects to engage.
  • Paid search:  Ads with offers attract audiences to landing pages, microsites, or key conversion pages. Calls-to-action appear on first page a prospect visits.

Our philosophy of SEO

Rankings are important, but not as important as the ability of your website to capture and engage audiences by persuading them to contact you because your message as written can solve their business problems.  A #1 ranking means nothing if audiences bounce and don’t perform desired conversions. Keep that in mind.

Search engine algorithms change regularly and NuSpark Marketing maintains awareness of the latest developments in SEO. Our SEO services focus on:

  • In-depth SEO assessment and diagnostics
  • Quality link building
  • Extensive keyword research focusing on long tail keyword terms
  • Internal and external link analysis

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most effective way to generate visitors to your website at the lowest cost is to grow your website’s organic search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool for improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website. The process involves a combination of “on page” and “off page” strategies designed to support your business goals. Visibility in the search engines will improve your company’s online brand exposure while increasing site traffic and conversions.

SEO Link Building Strategies

Implementing a strategy for increasing the volume and quality of relevant inbound links to your website is one of the most important factors in any SEO campaign.  There are many different strategies and tactics to use when developing a link building strategy.  It starts with keyword research and performing on-page SEO tactics.  Then we suggest ongoing SEO tactics such as below:

  • Directory submissions
  • Article syndication links
  • Approved blogs
  • Blog comments
  • Blog syndication
  • Forums
  • Social bookmarking
  • Optimized press releases
  • Anchor text permanent links

Blogging Strategies for SEO

We encourage all clients to have blogs and continually develop great content that is relevant to their customers and industries. Blogging is one of the best ways to distribute content and attract inbound links which in turn improves your SEO efforts. Learn more about our blogging management services.

In addition, a comprehensive guest blog outreach program is essential for driving back links and enhancing your presence on search engines.  When bloggers post your content, Google sees that as a “vote” for your website, and your rankings increase their chance of going higher on Google.  Learn more about our guest blog outreach program.


SEO Content Development

Our SEO writers understand the balance between writing for the user and writing for search engines. Here’s a list of major SEO tasks that include content optimization:

  • Keyword research.  By combining popular but less competitive search queries related to your business with your value proposition, we create compelling, powerful messages that are also Google searchable
  • Title tags. Page titles are not business names; they are key searchable phrases that describe the content of a specific page.  Page titles are content
  • Meta page descriptions, headlines, sub-headlines, captions, and image tags.  All need to be based on searchable keywords relevant to your business and your page content.
  • Changing content.  Search engines don’t like stale sites.  Better rankings come with updated content on a regular basis (hello blog)
  • PDFs are also indexed; a valuable way to get white papers to appear on search results if optimized properly.

Content drives leads; it also drives advantageous search engine ranking. SEO is more than coding, back-linking, and directory submissions. Good quality content laden with important keywords that your buyers use to find you on search engines; that’s what SEO means to us.

SEO does not drive immediate leads right away, but it does increase website traffic over time, and that means more opportunities to generate leads and sales; and good quality leads that will increase your firm’s sales revenue. By combining best practice SEO tactics with a strong content strategy; that’s what makes NuSpark Marketing’s SEO philosophy unique. Ask our clients.

Why choose NuSpark Marketing for search engine optimization services

  • Ethical Methods: We use only white hat, ethical SEO methods. Black-hat methods such as automated link exchanges, spamming, cloaked pages, etc. can get your site penalized or even banned from the search engines. Only white-hat SEO methods can be relied on to give lasting results.
  • Profit-Oriented:  Because of our unique approach in combining content marketing with SEO tactics,  we’ve got the skills required to make your SEO campaign a profitable success.
  • Results Talk: We have a track record of consistently achieving first page rankings on Google and Bing for competitive, profitable keywords.