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Performance Digital Display

Performance Media: Online Display Advertising That Increases Conversions

NuSpark Marketing delivers media buys focused on performance; meaning buys that are negotiated on a cost-per-lead or cost-per acquisition model.  The quality of leads generated and conversions are of upmost importance to any business.  With our over 25 years of experience purchasing media, we pride ourselves on implementing unique but comprehensive media plans, and negotiating the absolute best media buy, whether it be traditional or online media.  Our focus is planning and buying media that contributes to a positive ROI.


Performance Media covers the following:


Digital Display Advertising

Our strategic methodology identifies the most effective combination of websites or ad networks to achieve your goals. Once identified, we engage in extensive negotiations to obtain the best pricing possible, usually a CPC, CPL, or CPA model.  We utilize robust analytics packages and A/B testing to consistently monitor and optimize banner performance.  We also use DoubleClick DART ad serving technology to provide third party verification of traffic, centralized reporting, and creative management.

We understand that banner ads are questioned in the industry as a direct-response medium.  Therefore we work extensively with you to develop messaging and content that drive clicks to your website or landing page where conversions occur. An online display advertising strategy can work given the proper media plan, placement strategy, message strategy and call-to-action.  Recently a search and display study was performed by Yahoo! and comScore and showed that advertisers who combined search and display achieved an increase of conversions by 22%. Other studies exist as well that show the effect of display advertising in search lift and website traffic.  

Generally, display banner campaigns provide the following benefits:

  • Brand recognition, which can lead to online search as noted above
  • Creating demand for a product/service that most prospects are unaware of, and thus won’t be using search engines to look for your solution
  • Repeated exposure increases message-recall, and increases click likelihood
  • Retargeting opportunity. Google and most ad networks can target audiences with unique messages who’ve been to your website or landing page, but did not perform a desired action

If digital display advertising is deemed a strategy we recommend for your lead generating efforts, we’ll look at the following variables:

  • Site strategy: A consideration of specific sites to advertise with, ad networks, or ad exchanges.
  • Forms of ads: Static banners, expandable banners, rich media, video
  • Pricing models: CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), CPC (Cost per click), CPL (Cost per lead) and CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  • Targeting opportunities:  demographics, geography, behavioral, and retargeting



We have extensive experience with retargeting campaigns for our clients. Almost every campaign we manage includes a form of retargeting whether it is in the form of site retargeting or search retargeting.  Retargeting has proven to be an effective lead generator by bringing prospects back to landing pages to finish the conversion process.  We partner with retargeting firms such as Bizo, Retargeter, Adroll, and Simpli-fi, besides the Google Display Network.

How retargeting works:

There are two kinds of retargeting:

  1. Site retargeting.  Prospects that visit your website/landing page but do not convert.  We’ll target those people on a vast amount of websites with a display ad message. We can give them an offer with an incentive to come back and convert.
  2. Search retargeting.  This technology targets audiences who search for relevant keywords, and targets those audiences with display ads.  Prospects do not have to visit your site for this option. 


Our recent blog post explains more about retargeting



What does a well-managed, profitable online display campaign look like?

  • Performance-based. All campaigns should include performance-based price structures (cost-per-lead).
  • More traffic. Combined with the right creative, traffic to your website will increase; meaning more conversions.
  • More measurement A properly managed display campaign will provide lift to other media channels as we utilize attribution modeling to measure campaign effectiveness.

Why choose NuSpark Marketing?

  • Hard Negotiators. We work hard to get you the absolute best prices so that campaigns reach your ROI goals.
  • Experienced. We have years experience running many successful digital display campaigns.
  • Profit-oriented. We focus on getting you the results that matter – traffic, leads, conversions, and profit