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Paid Search

A Strategic Approach to Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click, or Search Engine Marketing that Improves ROI and Increases Profit


PPC advertising is a powerful option to increase immediate traffic to your website. When properly managed and with sound strategies, Paid search will produce a positive return-on-investment. PPC enables you to reach potential customers at several points during the buying lifecycle.   

We understand that managing a PPC campaign is both an art and a science. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding personal service and quality skill to your campaigns. NuSpark Marketing founder Paul Mosenson oversees the PPC campaigns. He has been contributing to his clients success for over 10 years with pay-per-click advertising. Paul and his team combine a strong attention-to-detail with outstanding analytics know-how. Highly experienced, we understand that every campaign is unique with its own set of goals. 

Paid search or PPC is more than just Google: We also place ads across other channels such as:

  • Bing and Yahoo!
  • YouTube and Video networks
  • Amazon and other shopping engines (we partner with ChannelAdvisor, and MerchantAdvantage to manage shopping site feeds)
  • Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Mobile and Tablet

Our approach to Pay-Per-Click covers a number of initiatives including:

We take a deep dive to understand the goals of your campaigns. Lead generation, quote requests, and online purchases are the most popular goals. In addition, if the data is available, we like to understand conversion rates and average sale values to determine campaign ROI, and allow us to tweak adgroups and keywords based on conversion value. We utilize our own PPC ROI calculator to assist our efforts.

Wasted Spend.
We take a look at your current keywords and review any low click through rates , and evaluate if those terms are relevant or the click costs are being wasted. Negative keywords allow you to filter out irrelevant traffic and we’ll look at the amount of negatives in your account. By eliminating irrelevant searches, your click through rate and conversion rates increase.

Quality Score
Google’s quality score has a major impact on your ROI. Quality score is Google’s measure of keyword relevance to ad relevance. A number of factors affect quality score, and we’ll implement strategies to improve your scores and maximize your account for performance. Of upmost importance is campaign and adgroup structure, and ensuring specific keywords match ad content, which improve click-through rates.

Keyword Optimization
We’ll look at the ratio of shorter queries with long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are typically 3 words or longer, and are more specific. Shorter queries will gain higher traffic and are more competitive; long-tail queries will be less competitive and less costly. Long-tail keywords reveal more intent, and are utilized later in buyer cycles, and will have higher conversion rates. It’s important to balance early phase buyers with later phase buyers whereby search terms are more specific. In addition, we make sure keyword matching options are being taken advantage of.

Ad Text Optimization
We’ll review how your ads are written. Do they include keywords in the text? Are your ads unique? The more relevant an ad is to the keyword, the higher the click-through-rate, meaning the better quality score, meaning a reduced cost-per-click ad better ad positioning. Other ad elements we’ll look at are your differentiating features and the benefits of your product or service. The call-to-action ensures audiences understand exactly what you want them to do when they visit your website.

Landing Page Optimization
We also consult with your designers/developers (or own own) for proper landing page tactics, and put together tactics that allow improved conversion architecture. First, we make sure landing pages are relevant to the search queries, copy and layout are clean, and any web forms are well-designed and easy to submit. Poorly designed landing pages affect quality score as well as conversion rates. User-experience is the key to proper landing page optimization.

Google Analytics and Conversions
We make sure your Adwords campaigns are lined properly to Google Analytics, and that appropriate settings and options are implemented such as goal conversions and advanced audience segments. By tracking goals, conversions, and conversion value, we’ll fully understand the impact of your search queries, and be able to optimize performance that increases ROI.


Our Paid Search Management Services fall under 3 categories:


Paid search advertising works best when it is regularly monitored and managed. Our monthly management includes ongoing monitoring of your campaigns and ad performance. We regularly optimize your account using A/B ad split testing, bid management, and conversion optimization. 


As a one-time service, our Paid search Account Optimization can help you save money in your existing campaign and improve your overall return on investment. Many firms start off trying Google Adwords PPC or other forms of search marketing in-house, often with the business owner or marketing team trying to manage it on their own. These accounts often sit idle and are never optimized. This Paid search service is a tune-up of your current account, bringing it within pay-per-click best practices.


We’ll creates a fully custom pay-per-click marketing campaign from scratch for you including full keyword research, geographic targeted, ad split testing, analytics and landing page optimization. Web lead and call tracking is included so you know exactly how much you are paying per lead. 


What does a well-managed, profitable PPC campaign look like?

  • Lower cost. A well-managed campaign keeps click costs as low as possible while still achieving the required results.
  • More traffic. We will seek to maximize the amount of targeted traffic your site gets, while still remaining in your budget.
  • More conversions. A properly managed PPC campaign will focus on maximizing the number of conversions you get. 

Why choose NuSpark Marketing?

  • Certified experts. We’re certified experts in search engine marketing and Google Adwords.
  • Experienced. We have years experience running many successful PPC campaigns.
  • Profit-oriented. We focus on getting you the results that matter – traffic, leads, conversions, and profit

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