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A recent MarketingSherpa survey reported that 64 percent of business decision makers regularly view email and browse the Internet using mobile devices.  NuSpark Marketing has a new service to help business-to-business (B2B) companies create mobile-optimized versions of their websites.

This is a mobile society. People use mobile devices for research, information, and entertainment.  The use of mobile is growing by leaps and bounds.   Besides the “rare” use of actually using a mobile phone to call people, consumers are texting, web surfing, downloading apps, consuming content, responding to ads, and spending money. We at NuSpark Marketing understand the growth potential of mobile, and the need to include mobile marketing in a strategy.

Therefore, we’ve added mobile marketing to our suite of services.   Those services include:

Mobile Strategy

A review of goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Is it branding, lead generation, customer loyalty, customer service, or social media engagement?

Text Messaging

Delivering messaging, mobile coupons, polls or surveys, and alerts to targeted customers most likely to engage with the message.

Mobile Site Design

Developing a mobile site that works across multiple platforms and service providers. The ideal mobile site should support and enhance customer engagement.

Mobile App Design

Part of a marketing strategy is determining whether an app is right for your business. Custom apps provide a rich user experience to consumers and enhance brand engagement.

Mobile Site Advertising

Whether it’s mobile search marketing (pay-per-click) or mobile display ads, we’ll put together a plan that supports your business goals and enhances ROI.

Mobile Commerce

We’ll work with you to setup an infrastructure that makes it easy for customers to buy from you on their mobile device.

Mobile Analytics

Like any media strategy, we’ll put analytics in place to track clicks, calls, and engagement.

Mobile Social Media

With sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, we’ll implement a mobile geo-targeted social media strategy designed to generate traffic and sales to your location.

We’ve partnered with the finest mobile developers in the Philadelphia area and thus are well suited to engage in mobile strategy.