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Case Studies





3D2B is a global leader of enterprise tele-sales and customer acquisition services. Among the multitude of services are telemarketing, appointment setting, event follow-up, and lead qualification.  They came to NuSpark Marketing with the goal to establish a presence in the United States with inbound marketing and demand generation needs.



Although a huge presence in Europe, 3D2B needed to expand its business presence into the United States and North America.  The existing website was sub-par, there was no compelling content to market, and there was no demand generation or lead nurturing strategy.  Additionally, telemarketing services, although vital to enterprise business growth, still has a questionable reputation from the end users.  Our goal at NuSpark Marketing was to build a lead management/ lead generation process and brand 3D2B as a full-service customer acquisition firm that includes telemarketing as just one of its many services.



NuSpark Marketing put together a comprehensive content marketing and lead management strategy for 3D2B; acting as true marketing partners. We assessed the competitive landscape, did major buyer persona research, and used that research as a roadmap to a content strategy. Among the multitude of services we are providing for 3D2B:

  • Website and landing page design consultation and development
  • Content mapping by buying phase
  • Demand generation promotional calendar
  • White paper, ebook, case study, and webinar development
  • Pay-per-click
  • Search engine optimization
  • Frequent blog writing
  • Guest blog pitching and management
  • Social media management
  • Marketing automation/ drip campaign consultation
  • Content syndication management
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics and measurement
  • Ongoing strategic direction



 Although in the early stages of the campaign roll-out, we’ve seen growth in website traffic from all sources, including organic and social.  LinkedIn has generated leads, as has the many sources that are promoting white papers.  By staying the course with content strategy and best practice link building and social media engagement, we expect to see website traffic and conversions continue to grow.








Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) is an e-learning company based outside Philadelphia. RLI provides an online training system that helps sales managers and HR managers train their teams to be better leaders and more productive employees. In most companies, accountability for talent development lies with managers. The problem is, most managers lack the skill, the resources or the time to perform that task effectively. The RLI gives managers the tools they need to turn talent development into a manageable task.



RLI had been promoting their products via paid search for 6 months before Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing (and Baldy Dog alliance) took over.  The issues were many:  poor quality leads; cookie-cutter ads, and very high cost-per-conversion, which lead to a poor ROI.  RLI let go their previous search provider, and seeked out the talents of Mosenson and his team to reorganize the campaign, generate better quality clicks and conversions, and get the cost-per-conversion goals to manageable levels. 



The NuSpark Marketing paid search solution for RLI started with two initiatives; persona research, and conversion architecture.

Persona Research: We took a deep dive into the target audience; learning the issues sales managers have; what problems they have, what their potential solutions are, and how RLI can solve their business challenges.  Once we fully understand the needs of the target audience, we then put together a conversion plan.

Conversion Plan: No paid search plan works without a sound conversion architecture. Called conversion rate optimization (CRO), we put together a group of landing pages tied into each of the new ad groups we planned to develop. We set up a test for each landing page whereby each ad group would either go to a free content landing page (white paper download on sales training) or a free trial page.  Each landing page was developed with the audience in mind- scan-able copy, compelling image, testimonials and benefits, and a short web form to limit form abandonment.

Paid Search Structure:  We then married the landing pages with new ad groups.  Ad groups were organized based on a specific sales manager pain point.  Ad groups were broken down into three major categories:

  • Sales Meeting ideas and topics (2 ad groups)
  • Sales Skills and Techniques (10 ad groups)
  • Sales Results and Productivity (6 ad groups)


Keyword research combined long-tail terms (search queries three or more words) and 3 match types- modified broad, phrase, and exact.  In addition, a large list of negative terms was developed, so that ads were shown to more relevant searches.  Then, 3-4 ads per ad group were developed; very specific to the ad groups and keywords, in order to improve campaign quality scores. In addition, after 2 months, a successful retargeting campaign was implemented; targeting audiences who did not perform an initial conversion, but then did convert due to the retargeting message.

Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo, were consistently optimized for performance on a frequent basis.



Between February and June (first 5 months), the campaign worked tremendously and achieved the goals of RLI.


  • Clicks increased 48%
  • Conversions increased 135%
  • Cost per Click decreased 36%
  • Cost per Conversion decreased 72%


RLI Vice President of Marketing, Brian McCallum, wrote Paul a testimonial:

“In November 2011 we hired Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Marketing to manage our paid search lead generation efforts. Our ROI was not reaching goal and the cost-per-conversions were unacceptable. Paul came in, helped us with our conversion tactics, revised our ad group strategy, and put together a comprehensive paid search effort that resulted in an increase in quality leads and a significant decrease in cost-per-conversion. His strategic approach, enthusiasm, and results-focused attitude are outstanding.  Any firm would benefit immensely by utilizing Paul and his team for lead generation optimization.”




  • My client has asked for confidentiality for this published case study. You may call me for more details.



XXX Products is a manufacturer of a well-known brand of household appliances, sold via hardware stores, department stores, and online stores. XXX is in a competitive field and asked NuSpark Marketing to implement and manage a social media program to build and enhance the XXX brand.



Although XXX had dabbled into social media with a Facebook business page, what they really needed was a comprehensive content plan and a strategic approach to fan engagement including analytics and measurement. Additionally, XXX wanted to be known as a source for appliance information for audiences doing appliance research on search engines, and thus an SEO plan was also requested.



NuSpark Marketing put together a multi-faced social media and content program designed to engaged audiences, build the brand’s attributes, and drive website traffic.  Our challenge was to make a standard nondescript household appliance into one with personality.  Content that is shared via social media channels must be interesting and encourage sharing.  Our approach:


  • Based on competitive research and audience demographics, we chose Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ as initial channels to build a presence.
  • We put together a quarterly content plan covering monthly and weekly themes, brand attribute categories, XXX events and announcements, and product-of-the-week spotlights.  We also incorporated (planned, wrote, and posted) website content in the form of usage tips and “how-to” articles to drive website traffic from social channels.
  • Following the quarterly calendar, we implemented 2-week at-a-time social media posting calendars with post details, links, and photos, shared content and original content postings.  We also posted “trigger” events (not planned but timely)  where appropriate.
  • We also planned and shot monthly “how-to” videos for the XXX website, YouTube channel, and other channels to increase engagement.
  • We implemented numerous product giveaway sweepstakes promotions on Facebook to drive “page likes” and mailing list entrants for email marketing.
  • To grow Facebook fans initially, we took advantage of some Facebook advertising, targeting specific interests, ages, and states with Timeline ads and sponsored story ads.
  • We created and optimized Google+ and YouTube branded channels.
  • We performed a comprehensive blogger outreach research program, and implemented bimonthly pitch events that included product reviews and product giveaways.  Each event was promoted heavily within each blogger’s social media channels as well as PR distribution services; for SEO.
  • We implemented an SEO program based on relevant keywords and content strategy.

An example of our posting calendar headings:



Our strategies and tactics have worked tremendously well in many of the major metric categories and thus continue to achieve client goals.  Metric highlights:

  • Facebook Page Likes- average growth 15 likes per day from non-advertising sources
  • Posts average over 3% virality (a sound measure of posting success)
  • Facebook post consumptions have increased over 100% versus prior periods
  • Organic website traffic has increased 50% 2Q versus 1Q and continues to grow.