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Pipeline Management

For full lead management and funnel optimization, NuSpark Marketing is also a reseller of Marseli Insight, a app that provides granular detail on sales process metrics; comparing sales-generated leads and demand generated leads.

Marseli insight is a sales process analytics tool for both sales and marketing teams. Insight is designed to improve visibility, analysis and management of your sales process – by giving you insight in to the behaviors of your sales people and marketing-generated opportunities in each stage of your process. Delivering the up-to-the-minute insight your managers need in order to coach for improved revenue generation and improve marketing’s impact on revenue.

Most CRM applications and bolt-on SaaS pipeline management tools do not give you the micro-level leading indicators down to the sales rep level that you need to change sales behavior. Using Marseli’s unique sales process analysis methodology, Insight delivers the key leading and lagging indicators to you in a fast and easy-to-review format. Marseli Insight was developed in and is deployed directly in your system. You can simply download it from the Salesforce Appexchange and be generating results within hours of signing up. The solution requires no installation, maintenance or support from your IT department.

Insight delivers a micro-level view of opportunity performance at each stage of your sales process:

  • Insight let’s you see opportunity and sales behavior at each stage of your sales process - allowing you to see what is truly happening in each of your sales stages
  • Reports by sales rep, product, region and marketing campaign can be immediately generated – giving you the micro-level analytics you need to find the true process issues
  • Customizable reports down to the individual sales rep
  • Marseli works with any marketing automation and sales process you already have - allowing you to capitalize on your current technology investments

Here a link to the Marseli Insight solution. Marseli is an alliance of NuSpark Marketing, and together we provide full funnel optimization solutions.