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Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready to purchase

You have leads.  It’s too bad most are not ready for sales.  In fact, based on industry average, 85% of leads that enter your funnel are not ready. Companies that succeed in business have a plan to nurture those leads into sales.  Paul Mosenson and many of our content writers have become national thought leaders on the benefits of lead nurturing, and continue to advocate the stance that without a sound nurturing process, leads that would be ready to buy instead buy with competitors.

The science behind selling says everyone engages in a series of steps before making a purchase:

  1. Defining a problem that needs to be solved
  2. Educating about potential solutions to the problem
  3. Determining the appropriate course of action to solve the problem.

Lead nurturing helps companies maintain a continuous dialogue with potential customers during the buying cycle.

Where most companies focus on generating leads into the “top of the funnel,” most companies do not have an adequate system to handle non-sales ready leads. With the emphasis on new sales-ready leads, those leads that are deemed “not-qualified” now can very easily be qualified within 6 months to 2 years provided they are nurtured through their individual buying cycles.

Examples of lead nurturing content:

  • Email newsletters. Keeps our news, events, blog posts, and more gathered in an attractive email format.
  • Content That Educates. Prepare assets that contribute to problem solving. Content should help our leads improve their current business challenges.
  • Content That Promotes. Test offers, send them blog subscription requests, in fact, send them relevant blog posts. Maintain engagement. Showcase content on social media too
  • Content That Brings Them Back. Sometimes  prospects aren’t engaged with emails. Let’s try to re-engage. Send them surveys or questionnaires. Send them new industry reports.

Whatever we send, all this content needs to be tracked and tested. Mix papers, webinars, videos, blogs, etc.  Just have a lead nurturing strategy planned logically; and targeted to audience segments.

The benefits of lead nurturing are:

  • Increase in qualified leads
  • Increase in revenue by maintaining relationships with potential customers who aren’t ready to buy in the short-term
  • Increase sales rep productivity by reducing the time sales reps spend educating leads
  • Educate and influence potential customers about products and solutions
  • Decrease in cost of sales
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Increase transaction size
  • Increase marketing ROI

Lead Nurturing programs, as implemented via marketing automation can be a complex procedure to prepare the content strategy, aligned with a lead scoring model.  The experienced team at NuSpark Marketing will assist you in campaign set-up.