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Email Marketing

Email Marketing; communicate your message via desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile


Email continues to be a vital tactic to communicate with customers or prospects.  There are a number of tools and software which can help create HTML e-mails, send, manage and track responses of your email campaigns.   As with all digital internet marketing strategies, there are multiple elements to implementing a successful campaign.

List Management.  How good is the list you have; whether it is an in-house list, or a purchased list from a third-party broker.

Database marketing allows you to create and implement specific email messages targeted to audience segments.   The advantages of maintaining a robust database are many:

  • By keeping track of demographic and purchase history for each contact, you’re building a sales profile so that marketing to unqualified prospects are minimized.
  • You are able to segment audiences for target marketing needs.
  • Duplicates and redundant data are flagged and eliminated.
  • By separating a controlled list with a variable list, ideal test marketing can occur.
  • Patterns of selling can be tracked, allowing cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Communications can be personalized if the strategy dictates.

You’ll want to capture as much data as possible in your database. Categories such as demographic data, transactional data, response data, buying roles, and lead sources should be tracked.  Building a good database does take time. Our best practices:

  • Focus on list building via demand generation efforts. Buying lists can be an opportunity, but you increase chance of spam and junk mail.
  • Through Marketing Automation or simple webforms, leads captured should be imported automatically (or based on lead score) to your CRM.
  • Have an easy opt-in and opt-out process.
  • Keep the list clean and updated.

Content Management

Email campaigns are designed with various objectives, such as newsletter distribution, new customer acquisition, upsell/cross-sell strategy, lead nurturing content or webinar registrations , and others.  NuSpark Marketing will work with you to assess, optimize, or manage your email programs. We expect to test many elements of your campaigns: headlines, list segments, calls-to-action, content promotions, products/events.  Only be testing can we optimize future campaigns for increased ROI.



All email programs cover the basic metrics.  At NuSpark Marketing, we make sure all email links are tagged appropriately in an effort to measure site engagement and conversions using Google Analytics.  We’ll provide reports that will help us determine the effectiveness of each campaign.


Below are two email marketing templates we use at to assist clients with email marketing best practices.