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Conversion Services

At NuSpark Marketing, we understand what’s at stake when it comes to conversion optimization. Managed by our Conversion Optimization alliance, FunnelEnvy, we ensure that you have a strategic testing process in place, with the goal to improve conversion rates of websites, landing pages, and email campaigns.  By bringing together experience in User Experience Design and Analytical Marketing we’ve improved the conversion rates (and profits) of everyone from scrappy startups to large, public enterprises. Our services consist of:

  • User Experience - We’ll walk through your user experience (landing pages, onboarding process, information architecture) and deliver suggestions (hypotheses) on what to test.
  • A/B, Split & Multivariate Testing - By building variations of your pages based on the hypotheses, we can objectively determine which of them are more effective. The cumulative value of these tests over time leads to massive conversion improvement.
  • Analytics & Measurement – You can’t fix it if you’re not measuring it. We’ll help you understand your analytics, and configure them so that meaningless numbers and graphs become actionable insights.
  • Email & Lifecycle Marketing - When used effectively email should be your highest converting channel. We’ll help you stay top of mind with your prospects and improve open rates, click-through rates and ultimately customer conversions.


At its core our strategy starts with your customers, and aligning the online experience with their needs. And with our focus on data we’ll deliver clear and unambiguous results – which means more customers for you.

Our alliance FunnelEnvy was founded by Arun Sivashankaran, a Web and technology entrepreneur with years of experience founding, running and advising online businesses. Along with Arun we have a dedicated team of copy writers, designers and technologists who are passionate about improving online business.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization services promise increased sales & pipeline quality leads. Take a look:


Conversion & Landing Page Optimization  Without a proper conversion architecture more prospects leave your site; we optimize the landing pages 

Email Marketing  Email, when targeted and designed properly, is still an efficient method to drive leads and sales

Marketing Automation  Drip email campaigns, landing page builders, lead scoring, lead routing, CRM integration; it’s all here- we manage it

Lead Nurturing Content that transforms leads into sales via the purchase funnel is critical; we plan and optimize the strategy

Pipeline Management Once leads become opportunities; we design the sales process so that conversion rates and win rates increase

Analytics and Measurement All marketing activity is tracked and measured