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Content Vehicles

We write the content, and deploy it for websites, lead generation, inbound marketing, or lead nurturing, that converts leads to sales.  


At NuSpark Marketing, we have alliances networks of thousands of free-lance writers covering almost any industry; at a fraction of the cost than most writers.  That means for a modest budget, we can produce multiple content assets to support your internet marketing efforts.


We prepare the following forms of content:


White Papers

White papers are topical reports, typically 8 – 12 pages long, on issues that require a lot of explanation. They are ideal for demonstrating thought leadership on issues vital to your buyers, and educating them so they can make informed business decisions.  Buyers tend to use white papers during their research phase, which makes the content within white papers particularly attractive.



eBooks are a longer version of white papers, generally 12 – 40 or more pages in length that presents complex information in a visually attractive, reader-friendly format. The content is both informative and entertaining. Enhanced with embedded media, eBooks are highly shareable.


Case Studies

Case studies, a document typically 1 – 2 pages long, combines the first-person authority of the testimonial with the narrative structure of a story. Based on real-life events, it leverages reader empathy with the featured client to build credibility and trust. Case studies say a lot about your expertise, and an excellent way to demonstrate your value.



Articles are great opportunities for companies to address issues, trends, concerns and topics of immediate interest to their intended audiences. An ongoing article publishing campaign can establish key executives in your firm as thought-leaders.  Media outlets and industry publications are hungry for contributed content, plus the SEO rewards due to potential back links.



eNewsletters are a subscription-based means of regular communication with current and future customers, usually distributed monthly or weekly. Available electronically, via text-based or HTML pages, they can include complete articles, blogs, or brief product descriptions with links to content on your website.



Blog offers an easy way to present brief chunks of frequently refreshed Web content. Backed with easy-to-use technologies for syndication (e.g. RSS), comments and trackbacks, blogs are often the hub of a content marketing program as well as a social media initiative.



A podcast is simply an audio file you can listen to on a computer or MP3-type player, often distributed via RSS or iTunes. Podcasts are generally 5 – 30 minutes long.  Podcasts are ideal for interviews with your customers or thought leaders in the field, by providing engaging information in an audio format.



Videos can be an effective way to complement your printed content assets.  Videos do an effective job of engaging audiences with a specific topic.  Examples of video content are “how-to” videos that demonstrate a solution, customer testimonials, formal interviews, conference presentations, and video blogging.



Another way to present educational content is via webinars or seminars. Visually, the content is delivered as a slide presentation; live or recorded. Webinars need to be useful and informative, but also a lead generator due to the registration process.