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Content Syndication

Content syndication is an opportunity for marketers to promote content and capture leads

Content syndication allows firms to cost-effectively market white papers, case studies, analyst reports, webinars and other informational content. By partnering with a targeted site, network, or third-party service provider, content can be exposed to a select group of buyers searching for information related to business problems that your products and solutions solve. Targeted prospects are the most likely to convert to sales.

There are many of third -party websites and ad networks offering to post content and charge for leads, and ideal situation for performance marketers. At NuSpark Marketing, we work directly with these sites and networks and provide you strategic recommendations and negotiated cost-per-action pricing with the goal to generate efficient leads into your funnel.

Here’s a basic primer on content syndication lead generation programs:

The partner site places your content in their online library section. The sites are responsible for generating advertising that will drive traffic to your content. Your content is “gated” with a registration form, which requires individuals who download the content to agree to provide their contact information.Pricing for these programs is on a Cost Per Lead (CPL) basis which we negotiate. It’s possible to add additional qualifiers to an approved lead such as company size, geography or specific industry. Specific qualifying questions can be added to your custom registration form.

NuSpark Marketing offers a turn-key content syndication service including site recommendations, program management, campaign tracking and lead management. We manage all vendors and every facet of your campaigns to ensure you receive the number of quality leads expected.

Our content syndication services encompass the following steps:

  • Content syndication media plan development
  • Cost-per-lead negotiation based on your goals
  • Determination of which content to be utilized for lead capture
  • Leads are captured , sorted, and sent to you via email, and in turn to your CRM
  • Monitoring of content performance and recommendation of any changes as necessary
  • Preparation of a lead summary report
Here are some of the major content syndication networks we deal with:

Here’s an example of a typical lead generation program with a publisher: