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  • You realize that your firm does need more quality leads, and a better process to qualify them and nurture them into sales. 
  • You understand the important relationship between the right content, message, and value proposition with optimal lead generating and demand generation programs.
  • You believe that Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Marketing, and its team of strategists and content writers can help your firm reach its goals.


To get started, contact me, Paul Mosenson, and we’ll discuss your pain points and how we can help.  All for free.  

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Because we can do business nationally and internationally, we can conduct meetings either as a conference call, or using the Group Video Chat feature with Skype.  This is key, because we’ll have NuSpark Marketing team members involved with our initial discovery sessions as well.


Because of today’s technology (screen sharing, project management, online collaboration tools, we can conduct business with you virtually, and build a relationship with you. If you need us on premises, we can arrange that as well.