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Our process of doing business with you

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you by offering a suite of services and tools that contribute to your business growth.  We exist to complement your team, and work together to build profit and ROI.  Teamwork and communicate are the keys to a fruitful and rewarding partnership. 

Lead generation  and online sales (for e-commerce) are the most important objectives of any marketing department. Providing a sales team with a steady stream of qualified leads is the priority. Marketers must deliver a lead to the sales team only when the lead is truly qualified. Consistent delivery of qualified leads that become conversions and meet sales quotas is what separates a leading best-in-class firm versus the rest.  We can get you there at NuSpark Marketing.

The first step in our process is a formal discovery session, where we take a deep dive into your business goals and objectives. We’ll review:

Business Challenges

  • What are your business challenges?
  • What makes your business unique vs. your competitors?
  • What is the definition of a quality lead; does marketing and sales agree?
  • What does a prospect need from you, and can you answer those needs with conviction?Are you measuring your marketing ROI?
  • What metrics are you using to gauge lead and sale quality?
  • What are your digital marketing goals? Online sales? Leads? Branding?
  • Where does your firm stand as compared to those competitors?
  • Why do you believe the quality of your product/solution is better than your competitors?
  • Where do you stand with price and service?
Our goal is to flesh out these issues and begin the formulation of a value proposition that is truly yours.  We’ll help you with your positioning statement; bottom-line- what do we want your firm to be known for? Once we are satisfied with the responses, the seeds of an internet marketing strategic plan begins.  
Then, we get into a marketing and customer metrics discussion, reviewing such items as:
  • Average sale value per customer
  • Pipeline/ funnel conversion rates
  • Current marketing plan and budget
  • Current advertising/media plan
  • Current demand generation plan
  • Current website/landing page plan
  • Current SEO/ paid search plan
  • Current social media/blogging plan
  • Current lead capture and qualification plan
  • Current content and nurturing plan
  • Current analytics data
The second step in our process is role identification.
We know you have internal staff and other vendors.  Our goal is to work with your current team; not replace them.  Your success is our success.  We are a tactical internet marketing optimization firm, and we will improve your bottom-line.  Before we prepare a marketing proposal, it is important for us at NuSpark Marketing to understand the players, what they do and how they do it, so we can offer our services strategically as a team effort.
The third step in our process is a proposal.
Based on the information gathered during our discovery session and the roles that we identified, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal detailed our suggested scope-of-work. This proposal may include categories such as:
  • An overview of your needs and how we would manage the implementation
  • What tools and platforms we suggest we need to perform the tasks we recommend
  • Who on our team would be responsible for the specific tasks
  • A detailed menu-like list of expected costs; a mix of retainer and project costs
  • How the tasks will be project-managed. We have the option of using our own platform, or we can use your PM system.
The fourth step is negotiation.  
Our goal is to create a win-win relationship.  If there are any tasks or costs that need tweaking in order to come within budget, we’ll review all of the recommendations and and resubmit where we can to make it work.
The fifth step in our process is implementation.
Once our relationship is approved , we’ll jump right in and begin working with you to optimize your leads and sales efforts.  Certainly there will be some bumps in the early going, but you will have comfort that you will have seasoned professionals on your side every step of the way to implement the strategies we recommend.  Roles will be defined, projects and tasks will be set-up, vendors contacted, content reviewed, etc.   No worries, we do this all the time.  We’re excited to begin.
The sixth step is a measurement plan.
Every strategy and tactic we implement will have a measurement component.  We discuss analytics as part of our services to you.  Bear in mind; statistics do not mean anything unless they are presented in context for a business decision.  That’s our focus.
Finally, the last step is optimization.
Based on our ongoing analytics and measurement reviews, we’re flexible to make ongoing optimizations to your tactics, no matter how small. That also includes ongoing testing of tactic and message approaches.  Testing allows us to analyze current strategies, see trends, and make changes for future efforts.