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Free Internet Marketing Audit

We’re glad you found this page; it’s time for action.  You’re lucky, because NuSpark Marketing founder Paul Mosenson is the only marketing professional in the country (we believe) that can audit, assess, and implement your media, social media, website, search engine, content and lead generation tactics. 

Inbound marketing, demand generation, search engine marketing, and social media are all getting more complex.  Do you have someone in-house keeping up-to-speed on new features and best practices?  Let’s dive in and optimize your programs. For Free!

Our free service covers basic optimization and recommendations.


Basic Business Challenge Audit:  A discussion on your value proposition, your competition, the industry, what services you provide, what makes you different, and why prospects should buy from you.

SEO Audit:  We’ll assess your keywords and determine if they are aligned with the buyer’s language.  We’ll also look at the technical elements of your website, your site structure, and we’ll find any problem areas or blockages that are preventing your efforts from succeeding.

Paid Search Audit:  We’ll look at your campaign structure, keywords, ads, and landing pages, and address quality score, message alignment, and conversion tracking.  We guarantee your current campaigns will work better after we make our recommendations.

Landing Page Conversion Audit:  We’ll look at your marketing landing pages; and review the content, offer, web form, layout, and recommend tactics that will increase your conversion rate.  If you’re not testing, than we would recommend/implement a/b tests.

Media Plan Audit:  We’ll look at three levels of your media strategy: traditional media, direct marketing, and digital display campaigns, and evaluate the strategy and effectiveness of each.  Regarding digital display, I’ll look at your targeting strategy and suggest buy strategies that will improve conversions.  This includes video channels.

Social Media Audit: We’ll review your social media content strategy, your engagement approach, your analytics, and your dashboards.  We’ll work with you to utilize the channels more efficiently, and recommend better measurement/tracking methods. 

Content Audit:  We’ll review your website messaging, your content assets, and your distribution tactics.  We’ll ascertain if your content resonates with your target audiences.  We’ll analyze your content for goals:  attracting, converting, or nurturing content. 

Marketing Automation Audit:  We’ll look at a number of basic modules:  lead scoring, email content and subject lines, landing pages, lead nurturing flows, and content assets again, with the goal to make your investment in marketing automation worthwhile.

Analytics.  We’ll look at your Google Analytics and review your goals, engagement metrics, and transactional metrics.  We’ll perform data analysis on visitors, content, and traffic sources, and make recommendations based on the suggested outcomes we see.


This basic audit is free.  We do offer an advanced audit with a more detailed look into your lead generation and pipeline conversion process.  The advanced audit is $5,000, but even that is free if we engage together longer term.  Let’s start with the free audit.


Need proof? If you’ve read our website, our blog, or have downloaded our free ebooks, you’ll be convinced that we can help you throughout your entire visitor-to-lead-to-sale funnel. 

The success of our clients is more proof. 

  • Our SEO clients:  Increased website conversions an average of 300% versus prior years
  • Our paid search clients:  Decreased cost-per-conversions between 50-200%.  Increased leads 25-100%.  We specialize in taking current campaigns and optimizing them for conversions.
  • Our social media clients:  Fantastic growth in engagement across major social media channels due to unique content and posting strategies. All measured with high level analytics so that content strategy is optimized.
  • Our media clients: More efficient media buys, more added-value, cost-savings, creative promotions, CPA pricing, unique buying strategies.  Better measurement; more leads.


First, let’s see what’s going on with you.  Let’s chat.

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