Focus Roundtable Recap: Optimizing Landing Page Conversion Rates

I recently hosted a fantastic roundtable discussion on on the topic of Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates.  Creating the proper conversion architecture is so critical to a company’s bottom-line, I wonder why more attention isn’t paid to this crucial element of funnel optimization.  I consult clients on proper conversion tactics as part of my lead generation services, and wanted to host this roundtable to raise awareness of the benefits of testing and optimizing landing pages for lead generation.

I was joined by Anna Talerico from Ion Interactive, Chris Goward from Wider Funnel, Justin England from ReachForce, Greg Ott from Demandbase, and Bob Leonard from acSellerant. Among the topics discussed:

  • Linking prospects to a landing page, microsite, or website, and which direction makes sense
  • How to implement A/B tests and what factors to consider
  • The content and design elements of a landing page that drives conversions
  • A review of offers: downloads vs. free trials/offers
  • Web form technology and structure- how many fields, and how to gather business intelligence with limited form fields
  • Measuring conversions and what to look for in your analytics

The 45 minute roundtable can be heard here:  Conversion Rate Discussion

Let’s do some math:  Let’s say your average landing page visitor to email/lead capture conversion rate is 15%.  Let’s assume your average sale per customer is $5,000. Let’s increase your landing page conversions by as little as 5% and see the outcome of your potential sales, assuming we’re using Sirius Decisions best-in-class pipeline conversion rates:


So we have 9 more sales in this scenario, and that’s an increase in sales revenue of $45,000.  Just be a 5% increase in conversions; all other metrics being equal.  So while you spend all that effort on SEO, social media, paid search, email marketing, and online display, if your landing pages don’t align with the user need, and you make it hard for prospects to find your web form, you will lose leads, and that means visits to competitors.

If you’d like to learn more about our conversion management approach, think about your own digital destinations, and think, what if we increased our own conversions by 5% (or more!).  





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