Video 2: Benefits of Lead Nurturing and Better Conversion Tactics; a Lead Generation ROI Calculator

This is the second video in an ongoing series on optimizing your marketing and lead management efforts.  Called “Musings, Advice, and Tips” I will be providing ideas and strategies that contribute to successful funnel optimization, which also includes inbound marketing and demand generation efforts.

For this new video, I demonstrate a lead generation ROI calculator, and give an example on how lead nurturing, a better lead generation plan, and a better conversion architecture plan can increase revenues and ROI dramatically.  I know it’s a little long, but view it closely, and you’ll see the value of the approach. (Editor’s note -still working on clean editing!!)




About Paul Mosenson

NuSpark Marketing Founder, Chief Lead Generation Strategist and Online Media Director An experienced B2B and B2C marketer, Paul has been helping clients generate leads and grow their businesses for over 25 years. Paul helps plan and optimize marketing and lead generation programs.