Paul’s Short Post #2- Follow Tweets on RSS Reader

Something I should take advantage of a little more; following specific tweets on my Google Reader.

If you use Google Reader (or other readers) as much as I do, here are 3 things you can do to combine Twitter with RSS feeds:

a. Follow Categories: Do a search for a category of interest with a hashtag, i.e. #b2b, Then at the bottom right of your Twitter home page is the RSS icon. Click it and you’ll be able to read category tweets on your reader.

b. Follow Tweeters: If you have a favorite tweeter, just click on his/her profile, and click on the RSS icon.

c. Follow keywords: Rather than a hashtag term, just use Twitter’s search box for keywords or phrases, and then follow the results of the query with RSS. You can also save these searches.

That’s the tip of the day!

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